27 Nov

10 Gifts to Make Gift Recipients Sizzle With Joyous Reception

By Kansas City Steak Company

It’s time to find that perfect gift for your steak and centerpiece adoring friends, loved ones, and anyone else that needs a little joyous sizzle this season. So, we’ve pulled together our top-ten list of gifts to make this season as merry as possible.

  • New Classic Steak Deluxe Gift Box Combo – This is our ultimate steak gift box, which combines three individual gift boxes into a full gift set. It includes 4 Gift Boxed Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon, 4 Gift Boxed Kansas City Strip Steaks, and 4 Gift Boxed Ribeye Steaks. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


  • Steak Combos – Nothing invokes merriment as much as a selection of your favorite cuts of steaks.


  • Centerpiece and Combo Meals – A steak combo can really hit the spot, but the right centerpiece plus sides to feed a whole crew is also a wonderful option for anyone with a big family. Use this option to help someone with their holiday feasting.


  • Surf and Turf – If your gift recipient loves the meats of the sea as must as the meats of the pasture, then look no further than our surf and turf gifts. They bring a little beach no matter how winter your wonderland.


  • Kansas City Strip Steak – A Kansas City original cut, the KC Strip is famous for its rich steak flavor. This is the perfect entertaining steak for the season – and, really, any season.


  • Kansas City Steaks Gift Card – Some people love to pick out their own gifts – or are just hard to shop for. Our gift card is the perfect way to give the gift of picking a gift.


  • Prime Rib Roasts – The marbling and tender, juicy flavor of our rib roasts is the perfect centerpiece for your beef-loving, meat-loving or food-living friends. It’s just a winner.


  • USDA Prime Signature Steak Combo – The perfect holiday gift for all your steak connoisseurs. Only the top 5-6% of steaks earn the USDA Prime seal and this combo comes with 12 of them: 4 USDA Prime Filet Mignon, 4 USDA Prime Kansas City Strip Steaks, and 4 USDA Prime Boneless Ribeyes. Guarantee a very, very merry Christmas. 


  • Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon with Bacon – The duo of our butter-tender Filet Mignon and hickory bacon is a gift favorite. It might be number nine on our list, but it’s still number one in a lot of our holiday-loving hearts.


  • Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon – Our Filet Mignon is a favorite for those steak purists that prefer to keep it all beef. Pick this to make their season merry and bright.

Keep that Nice List up-to-date, gift givers!