19 Dec

10 Sides, Appetizers, and Entrees to Ring in the New Year

By Kansas City Steak Company

Now that you’ve finished your Christmas shopping, set the holiday menu, and double-checked that the grandparents haven’t bought duplicate gifts, it’s time for the last bit of planning you’ll need to do this year. 

Congrats, you’ve almost made it!

All that’s left is to get just a little bit of planning finished for your New Year’s Eve party. And, if you’re ready for a break from home-made goods (or that’s just not your thing in general), then we have a list of Kansas City Steak quality entrees, sides, and appetizers to help ring in the new year with a zing. 


Mac N’ Cheese Melts – These delectable little morsels are loaded with a rich blend of Gruyere and Monterey Jack. Pop these on a plate and add your favorite topping to create a New Year’s delight.


Maryland Style Crab Cakes – If you’re looking for a little seafood delight as you reign in the new year, then look no further than our Maryland Style Crab Cakes. These crusty 3-ounce cakes are sure to be a hit!


Brie en Croute with Raspberry – The combination of brie and raspberry wrapped in puff pastry is a deliciously rich and fruit-filled way to celebrate ends and beginnings.


Scallops Wrapped in Bacon – The other surf and turf, scallops wrapped in bacon, are an elegant classic sure to win over any guest.


Classic Steakburger Sliders – If you’re looking to provide something a little more substantial – but not a full entree – look no further than our Classic Steakburger Sliders.  These mid-sized beef ditties are a delight for any celebrator.


Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon – The other, other surf and turf, shrimp wrapped in bacon, are just as delicious as their brother, Scallops Wrapped in Bacon.  And, just as elegant.


Crispy Asiago Asparagus – Try our asparagus and asiago cheese wrapped in crispy phyllo if you’re looking to spike the New Year’s appetizers with something innovative and mind-bogglingly delicious.


Crab and Lobster Mini Grilled Cheese – These little grilled cheeses filled with lobster and crab are an elegant delight in a practical and approachable package. These little guys work for all occasions.


Blue Cheese Potato Appetizer – These tender potatoes are filled with gorgonzola cheese and pure New Year’s expectant joy.


Mini Beef Wellington – Just like its big brother, these small crispy puff-pastry pockets are filled with top-quality steak and a mushroom duxelle. Put these steak poppers out at any party to give the new year a boost.  


Happy New Year’s, steak lovers!