21 Feb

3 Potato Pairings to Make Any Steak Dinner Tuber-Tastic

By Kansas City Steak Company

If you got through college by eating potato-based meals, then this month-long celebration is for you. It’s National Potato Month, a month dedicated to a crop that has been a favorite since it was first imported to Spain – and then, of course, Ireland – in the 1500s.

This little tuber was so easy to grow, it quickly became the main competitor of wheat and oats. And that’s not to mention all the legendary dishes that have spawned from this underground delight, including mashed potatoes, French fries, potato chips, and potatoes au gratin. And let’s not forget all the things you find potatoes in – like stews, soups, Minnesotan hot dishes (aka casseroles), and even burritos. 

The potato is just about everywhere out there – making meals a little more flavorful.

So, this month, spend a little time giving this little guy its due and incorporate a few more spuds into your everyday meals. And, of course, because you can’t eat just potatoes anymore (#adulting), be sure to pair your potato with the right steak. Or, in some cases, pair your steak with the right potato. 

If you’re looking for what steak to pair with our gourmet potatoes, look no further than our own list of potato pairing recommendations:

Twice Baked Potatoes with Cheddar and Bacon and Ribeye: Kansas City Steaks has taken the glorious potato and added real butter, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Add a Ribeye carved from one of our famous Prime Roasts and you have a tender and flavorful meal to be remembered.

Exclusive Kansas City Steak Fries and Steakburgers – Was there really any question what to pair fries with? Yeah, steak and fries are not uncommon.  But, come on, burger and fries are the duo of the ages.  

NEW! Potatoes Au Gratin and our signature Kansas City Strip – Our Au Gratin potatoes are drenched in a blend of butter, cream, garlic, Gruyere, and cheddar cheese. Our Kansas City Strip reliably delivers the same tender and delicious flavor it’s always been known for.

And if that doesn’t wet your whistle, shop all our meal combos for more potato pairing ideas.