07 Mar

3 Ways to Ready Your Grill “Steak-Ready” for Spring

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : grilling tips 

During the month of March, we’re giving you our Spring Training Steak tips. Baseball is back, which means grilling season is too.

The boys are back on the diamond. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.

It’s time to uncover the grill, dust off the cobwebs and pull those Kansas City Steaks out of the freezer.

Before you can make the perfect steak dinner, you need to be sure your grill is ready for spring.

Here are three simple ways to report for Spring Training Steak grilling duty..

  1. Physical Evaluation – when major league ball players report to Spring Training, they’re met with a flurry of physical evaluations. Weigh-ins, strength checks, all sorts of poking and prodding. Similarly, your grill needs a thorough rundown. As it sat dormant all winter, who knows what happened in there. Rust may have set in, birds may have laid a nest, hoses may have cracked. Once that grill cover is off, take an hour on a Saturday and give it a good check. Be sure the gas hose is connected, the ignitor fires, the knobs turn and the flames are hot.
  2. Shake off the Rust – during Spring Training, you’ll likely hear the Skipper say, “Let’s shake the rust off boys!” Arms are tight, legs are weak and their playoff bodies are a memory. Your grill is similar. Last fall, it was running at optimal condition. But now it needs a good cleaning. The rust needs to get shaken off, the grill hosed down, the grates need a good scrubbing.
  3. “Throw Heat” – there isn’t much better than hearing the pop of the mitt when pitchers and catchers report back to camp. The smell of the ballpark is a sure sign of spring. Whether you’re a charcoal lover, propane burner or smoker, once your grill is checked and cleaned, it’s time to rock and fire. Or as the ball players say, “Throw Heat.” Get the fire going and your spring started off right.

We’ll be back to share more Spring Training Steak tips throughout the month, but for now, get your grill fine-tuned like the boys of summer.