02 Aug

31 Ways to Filet

By Kansas City Steak Company

This August, we’ve decided to celebrate our butter-tender, cut from the center and aged, Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon. So, with 31 days in August, we decided to give you 31 ways to filet. 

That’s 31 ways to cook, season, sauce, top and cut Filet Mignon. Some are pretty obvious, but others might not be. Hopefully you’ll be inspired enough to join in the fun and prepare a few filets for you and your loved ones. 

However you choose to filet, friends, enjoy the beefy goodness.

Filet Prep Styles:

  1. Pan-seared filet mignon – a pan sear on the stove-top followed by time in the oven to desired doneness equals one delicious filet
  2. Smoked filet – Seared on both sides, then smoked till it reaches proper doneness
  3. Hobo dinner filet – Ever cooked filet in a campfire without pans or grates? You can. Just wrap the filet in foil and throw into the hot coals till the filet reaches desired doneness.   
  4. Sous Vide filet mignon – This is a French preparation method that involves partially cooking the filet, sealing in a bag and then bringing to doneness in a very precise temperature bath.
  5. Grilled filet – …we really hope we don’t have to explain this one!


Filet in Everything:

  1. Filet tacos – Try a little diced filet in your next taco
  2. Filet nachos – Sliced or diced filet over tortilla chips make for some tender and delicious nachos
  3. Hot sliced filet mignon sammy – A hot filet sammy on a hoagie makes lunch or dinner great
  4. Chilled sliced filet sammy – a sammy with cold filet is every kid’s – or cube workers – lunch-time envy.
  5. Filet salad – Steak and salad is great!


Filet Recipes:

  1. Filet topped with caramelized onions – recipe here
  2. Filet Jerky – try this recipe
  3. Filet in mushroom sauce – try this recipe
  4. Filet with garlic and herb butter – recipe here
  5. Herb crusted filet mignon – recipe here
  6. Beef Wellington – recipe here (or save some time, and buy premade from us here)
  7. Filet mignon with rosemary and mushroom gravy – recipe here
  8. Filet and Chimichurri – recipe here
  9. Cabernet filet mignon – recipe here
  10. Pepper crusted filet mignon – recipe here
  11. Caprese grilled filet mignon – recipe here
  12. Balsamic and bourbon filet mignon – recipe here
  13. Filet mignon on garlic toast – recipe here
  14. Filet mignon crostini – recipe here
  15. Filet mignon topped with blue cheese – recipe here
  16. Filet mignon shish kabobs – recipe here
  17. Lobster stuffed filet mignon – recipe here
  18. Filet mignon stroganoff – recipe here
  19. Crab imperial filet mignon – recipe here
  20. Filet mignon bites with horseradish sauce – recipe here
  21. Parmesan crusted filet mignon – recipe here

There you have it Filet Mignon friends, now get to eating.