07 Feb

4 Meaty Ways to Adore Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day

By Kansas City Steak Company

Alright steak lovers, it’s time do something for our other loves…our cupcakes, boos, honey bears, and lamb chops. Valentine’s Day hastily approaches.

While we have spent most of the last few months bringing holiday cheer and ringing in the new year, it’s now time to switch gears. We must move from celebrating family and friends to honoring that central institution that is both the essential precursor and foundation of the family we cherish so much: the loving couple.

Without the couple, after all, a family cannot be. And a healthy couple cannot exist or persist without a certain amount of attraction, wooing, and general togetherness. Finally, couples must, ahem, “couple” for ongoing fruition of these family things.

So, let’s dedicate our energies and persistence to making the 14th of February a day of love, respect, and, above all, adoration for that other person that’s in this crazy life with us. 

If you need a few ideas to show that adoration, we have some combos that can work as the main event of the evening or gifts in boxes that are so superior to chocolates.

Classic Steak Gift Box Combo – This set of hand-trimmed steaks is the perfect collection to both give that special someone a special Valentine and guarantee plenty of continual romance for two.  

Deluxe Steak Gift Box Combo – Looking for a little more? This gift box combo is trimmed with a bow and comes with multiple gift boxes for that special someone. It’s presence alone says, “I still dig you, boo”.  

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tails – Nothing quite says quality romance like Surf and Turf. Grab this to create a romantic evening at home that feels just like that coastal vacation you took together – or imagine taking one day.

Filet Mignon – A classic, the Filet Mignon continues to be the romance steak of choice. If you’re not quite sure what to go with, this one never disappoints.

Much love, steak lovers!