16 Nov

4 Satiating Recipes From Our Award-Winning Cook Team Members

By Kansas City Steak Company

Every year, Kansas City Steak Company is honored to send members from our Kansas City Steak Cook Team to the World Food Championships.

This year, we have sent four of our culinary savants to compete. Our diversely stylistic chefs are from all over the country and have created award-winning recipes – more importantly, delicious, mouthwatering recipes. They range from Grill Masters and chef owners to home cooks and bloggers, which is to say they run the gamut of the talent spectrum. And, if history is any predictor, we think they have a good shot at carrying a little metal back with them.

But don’t just take our word or the various awards they’ve won as proof. One great thing about the food industry is the dish speaks – ahem, or tastes – for itself. So, do a little judging yourself and give one of the recipes from the chefs below a try. You don’t have to send them any medals or awards; your sighs of gustatory satisfaction are more than enough.

Sherri Williams – Sheri is a Food Network star, Five Time World Food Championship Competitor, 2014 Macy’s “Grilling Guru” Champion, and a Contestant on Guy Fieri’s “Guy’s Big Project” 2017.  She is one of our Grill Masters, which makes her very close to our heart.  

Sherri’s Beefy Black Bean Soup combines our classic ground beef with black beans and a carefully balanced mixture of flavors. Sheri also recommends chicharrones as a topping to give yourself a little extra crunch with this treat. 

Click here for recipe.

Dave Elliott – Dave is the 2013 World Food Champion and Kansas City BBQ Society Grand Champion Pitmaster of Porky McBeef and the Cluckers BBQ Team. He is a BBQ home cook straight out of the home of BBQ, Kansas City.

Dave’s Steak Au-Poivre uses bone-in strip steaks, cream, cognac, and fried shallots to make this mouthwatering dish. If you’re looking to impress someone with your steak prep, this is the perfect dish.

Click here for recipe.

Cortney Riley – Courtney is the winner of Chef Roll Super Guacamole Contest 2017 and a World Food Championship Competitor. She is a blogger, food stylist, and home cook. 

Cortney’s Quick and Easy White Bean Chicken Chili uses our boneless chicken breasts, a few different white beans, and lots of pepper jack cheese to make this steamy delight. Don’t miss making it part of your fall and winter season’s supper lineup.

Click here for recipe.

Adrian Cruz – Adrian is a James Beard Foundation Top 5 Blended Burger Winner 2016 and Culinary Fight Club Champion 2017. He is a chef owner that hails from Texas.

Adrian’s Steak and Cauliflower Puree combines a 22 oz Bone-in Ribeye with a buttery and delicious cauliflower puree. Any fans of carb cutting – or straight deliciousness – will love this recipe.

Click here for recipe.


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to wipe your mouth!