26 Sep

4 Tailgating Ideas to Guarantee a W for the Home Team

By Kansas City Steak Company

It’s football season. And that means it’s time to get out there and put a little hustle behind that tailgate muscle. Time to take this season’s unique challenge and give your tailgating just the right innovative touch, on top of plenty of tried-and-true tradition.

It’s no easy task, taking something classic and making it original, but it can be done. And those that do it best are remembered for having that perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication that makes any regular Jack and Jill feel a little more satisfied with a home-team victory – and a little more emotionally resilient with a home-team loss.

In that spirit, we’ve put together 4 tailgating ideas to guarantee a W for your home team. 

  1. Bloody Mary Chili – Why these two haven’t been previously combined for one ultimate 10 a.m. tailgating chili masterpiece is well beyond us. But, turning a favorite morning drink into a deliciously spicy mid-day meal is an innovation all chili lovers should celebrate. Note the recipe linked below uses top sirloin to keep the chili high-quality. For a presentation boost, add jars of olives, bacon, etc. on the side to be added as garnish. See recipe here.


  1. Smoked Brisket Nachos – You might not have the time to smoke an entire brisket on-premises. That’s ok – just smoke that puppy overnight. Then, throw on the grill to warm up before serving once tailgating. The nachos should be pretty self-explanatory, but bring along a cast-iron pan you can drop in the grill to warm the nachos before serving. We recommend plenty of your favorite BBQ sauce, lots of sour cream, and sliced jalapeñ


  1. Burgers and Dogs – Burgers and dogs are THE tailgating classic, and for good reason. You can do all kinds of interesting things with both. For a little burger innovation, try our Cheddar Bacon Steakburgers or Sweet Vidalia Onion Burgers. These burgers come with an integrated flavor that will wow everyone. For the dogs, try serving them Chicago style or maybe attempt one of these otherworldly hot dog styles to create a unique yet traditional experience.


  1. Steak Sammy – In lieu of a burger, a steak sandwich is a great way to give everyone a slightly more sophisticated meal. Best of all, it can be comfortably held in either hand, and you can with confidence use it to point at the coward that believes 4th and 1 is always a punt situation. For a topping, consider a nice horseradish sauce.


Eat on, cheer on, gate on.