28 May

4 Tips for Building Your Best Burger in 2018

By Kansas City Steak Company

What will be your best burger in 2018?

Will it be made from ground chuck or Top Sirloin? Will it be bun-less or fit snug between a pretzel bun? Will it be tactfully topped with an artesian sharp cheddar or dutifully smothered in beer cheese?  

We can’t tell you.

Each of us has that best burger out there – uniquely made for uniquely us.  What we can say, however, is your 2018 best burger story is shaped by preparation as much as fate. There is an almost overwhelming amount of burgervation out there. In just toppings, we’ve seen onion straws, avocado, fried eggs, French fries, arugula, all types of bacon…and lots more.

Many of these have been great ideas, and others have been just ok.

Luckily, you’ve got us. We’ve had more burgers than we can count – and we’re ready to share our favorite burger trends for 2018. Because there is a whole world of burger culinary delight out there waiting to be discovered and heartily devoured. 

We recommend you take notes – your next best burger might be just around the corner.

  1. Use top-quality meats – It’s no surprise that we only make steakburgers and, just recently, released our Sirloin Craft Burger. When a burger is made with top-quality beef, people can taste the difference. We’ve known this for a while, and everyone else is starting to catching on.   


  1. Spice up your burger – Burgers with a little extra spice continue to build steam. If you’re a fan of spice, try a burger with sriracha mayo – you won’t be the first to embrace the eye-watering deliciousness. If you’re more of a sugar and spice guy or gal, think candied jalapenos.  Whatever way you lean, there are more than a few ways to make a sumptuously spicy burger.    


  1. Look to the brunch burger – The burger for brunch craze is well underway. No one wants to wake up late on Saturday and wait 2 hours till lunch, or always eat waffles at 10. Instead, people are topping their burgers with fried eggs and bridging the gap between breakfast and lunch with the brunch burger.


  1. Be cheesier – Blue cheese and beer cheese have both taken their place as cheese-lover favorites. But there is a whole world of cheese variety out there.  Try topping your burger with a gooey brie cheese or a select goat cheese. The main point: Think beyond the pre-sliced packs and look to the cheese sections. You won’t regret it.