15 Jan

5 Foods to Cuddle Up with This Winter

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : comfort food,  recipes 

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here!

These short, ice-ridden days turn every outdoor venture into a grueling task. By the time night hits, most of us are ready to curl up beside a blazing fire to the sweet sound of a bubbling stew or the savory smell of a roast slowly reaching fall-apart tenderness.

Friends, the comfort food season is upon us. 

Now, by tradition, winter comfort food is a combination of starch and meat. This duo seeks to simultaneously stick to your ribs and give you a solid nap in your favorite recliner. To put it another way: the protein keeps you satiated and the carbs gradually anesthetize. Pair your meal with the right winter lager (stay tuned for our upcoming blog) and you’re well into snoozing away the winter chill under Great-grandma’s quilt.

For those working on shedding the holiday pounds by watching your carb intake, double the beef and throw in some oven-broiled veggies or, if allowed, sweet potato fries – we promise you’ll still get there.

Without further ado, here are five foods to cuddle up with this winter.

1. Hot Beef Sammies

Warm, low-effort, fall-apart beef is the key to many a winter comfort food. Add in your favorite bun and an au jus made from the drippings and you’ll feel that comfort swelling up inside your full winter tummy.  

2. Old Fashioned Beef Stew

Nothing says winter comfort like steak and potatoes you can eat with a spoon. Especially when you can throw it in the slow-cooker before work and come home to an old-fashioned, hearty meal. In your sweatpants of course.

3. Beef Wellington

We’ve mentioned this winter wonder in a recent post, so we won’t get too high on our soapbox. But, in short, a steak wrapped in a flaky puff pastry? Yes please!

4. Roasts

For the muscle-building paleo and keto folks out there, look no further than a slow-cooked roast with your favorite root-based veggies.  Try our Roasted Steakhouse Rub Prime Rib Roast or Steakhouse Rub Chateaubriand Tenderloin Roast

5. The Trusty Hamburger

We admit this one is a debate, and reasonably at the bottom of the list, but the hardliners among us agree a hamburger can be dressed for almost any occasion. To dress for winter comfort, we recommend one of our high-quality Steakburgers, a dense pretzel bun, generous mayo, a thick slice of sharp cheddar and bacon. Add a side of homemade fries or tots and voilà!

Happy cuddling this winter. Beef never lets you down.