30 Apr

5 Garden Fresh Goodies to Make Your Next Steakburger Delish

By Kansas City Steak Company

The sun is out!

That’s right steak fans, spring is REALLY here. The grass is greener, red buds are in bloom, and winter chills are now cool spring breezes.

We consider this prime grilling season, and each of you probably have a spring cleaning checklist that you’ve at least started on. You overachievers have probably finished. 

For some, that checklist includes prepping the vegetable garden. But what to plant? 

What delicious, homegrown combination of seedlings promise a satisfying yield of crisp vegetables, sweet fruits, and potent herbs? In our opinion, what to plant depends upon what you plan to eat.

So, if Steakburgers are a spring-time staple, we have a few garden must-haves we think you’ll appreciate.

Some of these garden plants can quickly yield a fresh zip to your next burger. Others will require patience and the knowledge that every fresh bite will be worth it…eventually. Without further ado:

  1. Garden Tomatoes – almost every gardener knows the value of a fresh garden tomato. Store tomatoes are designed to be harvested by machines, which has resulted in a breed of tomato that is firm and comparatively tasteless. A plump, ripe garden tomato is an entirely different world of tomato – especially when sliced up and added to top off a Classic Steakburger.
  2. Dill, Cilantro, and Rosemary – Herbs are an excellent addition to any garden. Best of all, you can buy them fully grown as whole plants at the farmers market and cut away the fresh herbs as needed. That makes these guys a quick win. As a tip, plant them among your veggies and fruits to help naturally deter pests – especially if you’re attempting an organic garden. When it comes to your Beef Brisket Burger, each of these can make a distinct and delectable aioli.
  3. Pickling Cucumbers – Homemade pickles are worth every crunchy bite, so don’t overlook making room for a Kirby cucumber trellis in your garden. When you’re popping the lid off a jar of garden pickles and adding a few crinkle-cut rounds to your next burger, you’ll thank us. Maybe you’ll invite us over too?
  4. Jalapenos or Habaneros – For the spice lovers out there, consider growing your own spicy peppers. These powerful little plants will add pep to your next…well, everything. If you almost always add salt and spice, we recommend you look into grinding your own habanero salt. Just clearly label it in the pantry.
  5. Lettuce – Lettuce is a great cool-season crop that’s also easy to grow. Buy these seedlings at the local farmers market and only cut off the leaves you need when harvesting – they will continue to produce leaves into July. It goes without saying that these can be used on your Cheddar Bacon Steakburger, but you can also provide instant salads for the table.

Happy gardening and happy Steakburger eating!