17 Oct

5 Gifts to Celebrate Your Second Mom: It’s National Mother-in-Law Day

By Kansas City Steak Company

Ok, mother-in-law jokes are more than common. And, there’s a good bit of truth to the tensions that cause the mother-in-law to son/daughter-in-law relationship to be ripe with plenty of comical material.

Some mothers may have trouble letting someone else care for their babies. This might cause them to closely monitor and evaluate the person their “schmoopy” picked to spend the rest of their lives with. Which, depending on the mom’s level of tact, can be a little, ahem, conflict generating – did we say that politely enough?

However, it’s hard to hate on a lady that helped shape the man or woman you love most. No matter how difficult (or at times humbling), deep down, most moms pull their “advice” from a good place. Even if it’s a good place you’d like them to visit less frequently.

So, this year, let’s celebrate our mothers-in-law, our second moms. Whether your hidden message is “thanks for being a great second mom” or “I know you mean well,” give momma some love. After all, it’s National Mother-in-Law Day.

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tails: Why not give mom a nice night of surf and turf? She’ll especially appreciate the chance to make a classy meal for her and the ones she loves.

Treat her today!

Prime Rib Meal: Give mom the night off with an entire premade meal. This one comes with our prime rib, creamed spinach, 8 twice baked potatoes, and a Mississippi mud cake. Are we mending fences?

Treat her today!

Classic Cuts Trio: Try our three all-time grilling favorites. This will help mom get dad gleefully out on the patio while she kicks up her feet and has a glass of wine. We also call it the win-win.                                                     

Treat her today!

Mealtime Medley:  Is mom the type that prefers pork or chicken over beef? No worries. Grab this meal to give her three types of meat to go with the Mac and Cheese Casserole and New York Style Cheesecake also included.

Treat her today!

Gift Card: If mom is the type to give you “feedback” when you purchase specific gifts, go with a gift card to let mom get what she really wants – you’re welcome.

Treat her today!