04 Jun
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5 Kansas City Steaks Gift Combos to Give Dad the Father’s Day He Deserves

By Kansas City Steak Company

We get it: socks are fun and dad thinks they’re “nifty.” 

Dad digs those hip argyle patterns with unique color combinations that really leave an impression. And you feel like you’re helping the old man out by gifting him a trendy pair of socks every Father’s Day. They give him just a little bit of a fashion bump around friends and officemates.

But does the man that spent years – YEARS – battling the brutal outdoors to sear your steaks, brown your burgers, and make those perfect horizontal lines across your brats and hot dogs really deserve socks on Dad’s Day?

And we don’t hate socks around here: we’re not sock haters.  But, do socks define that unique dadness you’ve learned to admire?

We believe not.

Dad deserves a gift that appropriately shows the mountainous admiration and respect you’ve built for him over the years.  And, in leu of a bronze statue in his likeness, we’ve put together 5 Father’s Day gifts that don’t sock.

  1. Gift Boxed Kansas City Signature Steak Combo: This combo comes with all the classics: 4 Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon, 4 Boneless Ribeyes and 4 Kansas City Strips. This gives dad everything he needs for that picturesque grill pic for the Facebook profile you helped him set up.


  1. The Big Daddy: Nothing says thanks dad like 4 T-bones, 4 Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon wrapped in Hickory Bacon and 4 Kansas City Strips. Don’t be surprised if dad excuses himself from the table and you hear silent, joyful weeping coming from the bathroom.


  1. 18th and Vine Duo: If you’re looking for the perfect backyard duo for a family of all ages, look no further. The 18th and Vine Duo includes 6 Kansas City Strips and 8 Classic Steakburgers. This will give dad the options to make everyone deliciously happy.


  1. Gift boxed Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon: Give dad the gift of taste without breaking the budget with this box of 4 of our tender Filet Mignon. These four juicy steaks will make your dad’s day the best.


  1. Cheddar Bacon Steakburger: If your dad’s more burger connoisseur than steak aficionado, look no further than our Cheddar Bacon Steakburger. These burgers are made from corn-fed beef, top-quality bacon and a mellow cheddar.  All that combines for one happy daddy.


Have a happy Dad’s Day, steak lovers!