10 Apr

5 Siblings Day Gift Ideas to Apologize for Past Sibling Transgressions

By Kansas City Steak Company

Remember that thing? You know, that time, the place, THE THING with your brother or sister that you still, even today, feel a little guilty about?

The blood, tears, the incessant poking and prodding, how mom and dad took it… or maybe even how you totally got away with it, and your brother or sister might not even remember it.


Well, they probably do remember and just don’t say anything. And, now that you’re both adults, what are the chances they’ll let it fester for the next fifteen to thirty years until it becomes some unmovable bitterness they not-so-secretly hold against you for the rest of your life?


Maybe – hear us out here though – MAYBE it’s better to just apologize. Be gracious, ask for forgiveness and let you both move through life without the secretly hidden angstred (aka. angst+hatred) between each other. 

Well, it’s Siblings Day, and today is a great day to plan out, or even make, that apology.

As a company, we believe gifts can go a long way to setting a positive, cheerful and even gracious mood. And to help you in your sibling healing, we’ve come up with five gift ideas.

Each gift is paired with a common sibling transgression and might even have some tips on how to deliver your apology.   

Good luck, and Happy Siblings Day!

  1. “Sorry About the Black Ribeye”

If you’re apologizing for something that resulted in minor bodily injury (like a black eye) to your sibling, think about a few Ribeyes. Let this all-natural cold compress reduce the relational swelling and redness all that teenage rough housing caused. We hope things heal quickly.

  1. “I Could Have Been Less Crabby Cakes”

If the pain you’ve caused your sibling was a byproduct of an apathetic fueled emo phase, some crab cakes might be a light, humorous way to admit your past shortcomings. Hand deliver dressed as a shellfish for greatest effect.

  1. “Did I Give You a Disorder Seasoning Salts?”

If your apology is for long-term psychological trauma, these might be your best bet. They say, “Hey, let’s preserve what’s left of your sanity together. Go Family!”

  1. “We’re in This Together Finishing Butter”

Nothing says let’s put this behind us like creamy, classic finishing butter for your sibling’s favorite steak. Spread generously over your past misdeeds and clean your plate.

  1. “Sorry I Stole Your Boy or Girlfriend Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail”

It’s not so much that there’s a metaphor here. You just need to lead with something strong. We hope your sibling accepts the gift and forgives your past treachery.  We wisely recommend any in-person meeting happen on neutral territory with plenty of people around.

Here’s a Bonus: The Lonely Only Child Gift Box

Being an only child had its advantages and disadvantages. So, spend today celebrating the apologies you don’t have to give. To make it a little more fun, buy a steak gift box and invite all your personally selected friends over for a dinner. 

Good luck, steak (and sibling) lovers!