17 Oct

5 Sweet Gestures for Sweetest Day

By Kansas City Steak Company

Sweetest Day may well have been invented to boost candy sales, but as we celebrate the holiday for the 99th year, it’s undoubtedly become a beloved tradition. Popular sweet gestures involve gifting your loved one flowers and candy, but Sweetest Day is also heralded as the perfect day to perform acts of kindness. Whichever you prefer, we’ve got some ideas.

1. Serve a romantic steakhouse dinner with style.

Why not turn Sweetest Day into the Sweetest Night? Bring the steakhouse experience home with finesse. First, create your mouth watering menu. Make it extra special, and choose between tender, juicy Picanha, flavorful, well-marbled Cowgirl Ribeye, or our regal, succulent Crown Filet Mignon. Next, select simple sides like a fresh tossed salad and Cheddar Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes or Creamed Spinach. Set the table with your finest tableware and a festive centerpiece. Don’t forget the candles, and be sure to maximize the mood with your sweetest playlist.

2. Show them you’re smitten with a delightful surprise.

Did you forget to plan ahead? No problem. Tackle that task they’ve been avoiding all week, or jump into the list of “honey-do’s.” Not only will they have extra time to relax and rejuvenate, but they’ll definitely feel the love when they see all your hard work.

3. Stretch the sweetness for your sweetest.

Who says Sweetest Day can’t be celebrated all week? If your “sweetie” has had a rough go of it this year (read: practically everyone), give in to your penchant for romance and plan an entire week of sweet gestures. Choose a few brilliant ideas from our list here, throw in a few of your own, and plan something special for every day.

4. Share the love.

Sweetest Day might be earmarked for lovers, but don’t forget those who loved you first. Shower Mom and Dad with a gesture of kindness and a gift that keeps giving…while saving them a few trips to the grocery store. Choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month option Monthly Steak Club and ensure they have only the best on their table. They’ll be surprised and thrilled, and who knows? They might invite you over for a socially distanced steak dinner to show their appreciation!

5. Show your sentimental side.

Valentine’s Day might corner the market when it comes to greeting cards, but this year, we think Sweetest Day is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the romantic gestures and show them just how much you care. Order their favorite sweet treat, and buy or make the perfect card to express how much you love and appreciate them.

After all, if this year has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to tell those we love exactly how we feel about them. How do you plan to celebrate Sweetest Day this year?