24 Apr

5 Tips to Up Your Back-Patio Game

By Kansas City Steak Company

As any good party planner will tell you, presentation matters.

Excellent food and proper communication comes first.  After all, if your party goers don’t know where to go, or the steak is all overdone when they get there (#nomorewelldonesteak), the best atmosphere in the world will struggle to make up for it.   

However, ambiance can take a really good party – or casual gathering of friends –  and create a life-long memory. 

There’s just something about a thoughtfully prepared space to eat, chat and relax. It makes the anxious guy a little more at ease, the quiet friend a little more open and that overtly intense friend go “one notch down.” 

So, what are some ways to weave a patio atmosphere that will give your summer gatherings special moments you’ll reflect upon fondly for years to come?

Well, there are probably lots.  But we have five we think everyone should give serious consideration. 

It’s time to up your back-patio game!

  1. Commercial Outdoor String Lights

You’ve probably seen these lights strung up on a few restaurant patios.  When the sun sets, they create a warm, subtle glow that assists in giving the patio both a sense of defined space and privacy.  Also, in a world that’s being overtaken by LED lights, it adds a little character to have lights with an old-time industrial feel.

  1. Retro Rolling Cooler

There’s nothing wrong with a bright blue cooler that doubles as a two-person stool. However, there are more than a few standing retro rolling coolers on the market that add character to a patio and provide easy access to cool beverages that uncle Harry isn’t sitting on. If your porch needs a focal point, consider one of these.

  1. Adirondack Chairs

Google “sunset” and “dock” and you’ll spot these chairs in almost every picture.  They’ve attained their fame for good reason. Few chairs offer the comfort, solid construction and ventilation these recliners do.  Point them towards the sunset, or at least the grill, and create your own picturesque moments.

  1. Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Sometimes nature won’t give you the gentle breeze you want.  In that case, hang a fan outside to add a little extra moving air when needed.  We guarantee it will be worth it in the late summer.

  1. Fire Pit or Chiminea

A fire pit is a good way to add a rustic feel to your patio.  It’s best in the early summer or late fall when the temperature is a bit lower and you just want a little extra heat.  Also, s’mores after steaks …enough said.

We hope these help up your patio game for all your summer gatherings – big or small.