29 Oct

6 Mouth-Watering Prime Rib Recipes You’ll Love

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Prime Rib. The words are enough to make your mouth water, aren’t they? Perfectly prepared, well marbled Prime Rib, served with au jus and all the savory sides…a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace…friends and family gathered together to share delicious food and laughter, and to make good memories together… The perfect Prime Rib Roast may not be sugar plums, but memories of joyous gatherings from years gone by are definitely dancing through our heads now.

Classic beef Prime Rib roast is a time-honored tradition and staple at tables everywhere year-round, but it’s popularity is more prevalent than ever on holiday menus. Whether you plan to serve a delicious Prime Rib roast recipe at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day or any other special occasion, we’ve curated a short list of our favorite flavorful, mouth-watering Prime Rib Roast recipes you’ll love.

1. Salt Crust Prime Rib

If there’s one thing inherent to every great Prime Rib Roast recipe, it’s presentation, and this favorite recipe for Salt Crust Prime Rib delivers in spades. Kosher salt is mixed with egg whites, then ⅓ of the mixture is placed on the pan. The roast is then placed atop the salt mixture and packed tightly with the remaining salt and egg white mixture and cooked to the desired temperature. The salt and egg white mixture forms a firm crust, which seals in flavor and juices, and accentuates the rich flavor of the Prime Rib roast. Serve with Creamed Spinach or your favorite Prime Rib Roast side dish.

2. Prime Rib Roast with Horseradish Cream Sauce

Traditional Prime Rib Roast is a headliner of holiday meals across the world. This classic Prime Rib Roast with Horseradish Cream Sauce highlights the flavors we’ve all come to know and love. A tender Prime Rib is seasoned with kosher salt, then cooked to perfection and served with a traditional creamy horseradish sauce, consisting of horseradish, sour cream, sugar, pepper and salt. Make sure your roast will yield leftovers; we guarantee everyone will want a second helping!

3. Garlic Rosemary Prime Rib

In our book, the best Prime Rib recipe will include a fantastic marriage of premium, quality beef and incredible flavor combinations. Garlic Rosemary Prime Rib does exactly that, with one of our hallmark Prime Rib Roasts, seasoned with salt, pepper, minced garlic and rosemary, then slow-roasted to the desired temperature and covered with sautéed onions in red wine sauce. This elevated Prime Rib Roast recipe is sure to become a new holiday staple in your home.

4. Prime Rib au Poivre

Prime Rib au Poivre may sound a little intimidating, but don’t let the name scare you off. Prime Rib Roast is rubbed with Dijon mustard, salt and peppercorns, then cooked to the desired temperature. While the roast is resting, you’ll prepare the perfect brandy cream sauce, using shallots, brandy, au jus, cream, Dijon, peppercorns and salt. Serve with your favorite comfort food side, like Twice Baked Potatoes with Cheddar and Bacon or our savory Green Bean Casserole

5. Herb Crusted Prime Rib Roast

Savory herbs, mixed together and rubbed all over a hearty Prime Rib Roast…Mmm-mmm, perfection. This fragrant Prime Rib Roast recipe made it to our top six for many reasons, but the aromatic element is definitely a major component. Fresh sage, fresh rosemary leaves, fresh thyme leaves, garlic cloves, salt and pepper are rubbed generously all over the prime rib before it is roasted to flavor perfection. Serve with roasted fingerling potatoes and the hard-earned au jus.

6. Grilled Smoked Prime Rib

The odds are you’re well acquainted with roasted Prime Rib, but did you know that you can grill and smoke a Prime Rib, too? We’re delighted to share that not only is it possible, but it’s one of our favorite ways to infuse flavor to a traditional dish. Grilled, smoked Prime Rib roast is coated with a mixture of garlic, salt, pepper, ancho chile powder, ground cumin, paprika, oregano, and sage, then seared and smoked to temperature. For an unexpected twist, serve with Sweet Potato Casserole or Potatoes Au Gratin.

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