12 Sep

7 Best Back to School Recipes

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The yellow school busses we suddenly find populating our morning commute are not the only indicators that school is back in session. A quick glance at any Pinterest home page will reveal an endless scroll of lunch box ideas, autumn decor and of course, hundreds of back to school recipes. From pressure cooker to air fryer and slow-cooker to one pan, it’s no wonder you’re tempted to wave the white flag and order takeout again! In good conscience, we couldn’t leave you to fend for yourself, so we decided to put together a list of our favorite back to school easy dinners. Read on for the 7 Best Back to School Recipes – one for every night of the week!

Monday: Herb Crusted Beef Tips with Pasta Margherite

Monday, the day we all dread from the moment we arrive home on Friday. The secret to a great Monday night dinner is all in the amount of prep required. No one feels like spending hours in the kitchen after a long day, so we tend to favor back to school recipes that involve precious little prep time and few ingredients. For that reason, this delicious pasta recipe is the perfect Monday back to school dinner recipe. With just 20 minutes to prep and 15 to cook, a fantastic blend of flavors and every kid’s favorite pasta, prepare for this to become a weekly dinner request from your crew.

Tuesday: Quick and Easy White Bean Chicken Chili

Tuesday may bring with it the rhythm of a new week, but Tuesday nights are also typically a whirlwind of after-school activities like lessons, sports practices, and rehearsals. Quick and easy is the name of the game, and with the phrase right in the title, is it any wonder that Quick and Easy White Bean Chicken Chili is our Tuesday choice for back to school easy dinners? Ten ingredients, five minutes to prep and 20 to serve, not to mention a delicious flavor sure to have everyone around your table asking for seconds!

Wednesday: Honey Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Salad

By the time Wednesday rolls around, we’re all ready for the nutrition and sweet flavor this perfect recipe delivers. Ready in under 30 minutes and packed full of fresh vegetables and protein, you can serve this as a salad the kids will love, or trade out the greens and serve over rice. When it comes to the best back to school recipes, versatility is king!

Thursday: Lemon Pepper Shrimp

You probably thought our weeknight dinner recipe line-up couldn’t get any easier, right? Wrong! Lemon Pepper Shrimp is the perfect back to school dinner recipe for your Thursday, touting just five ingredients and 35 minutes, all in. Succulent jumbo shrimp, lemon pepper angel hair pasta, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and parmesan cheese Italian dressing are all you need to whip up your new favorite school night recipe.

Friday: Barbequed Pork Burgers

You made it to the weekend! Celebrate your weekly milestone by firing up the grill and crafting a weekend kickoff you won’t soon forget! We love this twist on the standard grilled burger for many reasons, but weighing in with just seven ingredients and a 45-minute lead time, we know we don’t really need to list the rest for you. Serve with your favorite barbecue sides and kick back with a frosty beverage. Hey, you made it through another week. In our book that means shoes are optional.

Saturday: Grilled Ribeye Steak

It’s finally…Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday…Saturday night’s alright! You sang along with us, right? Invite over some friends and keep it simple and perfectly served with grilled ribeye steak and all the fixings. No need for a drawn-out dinner affair, as this recipe for the best grilled ribeye steak takes just 35 minutes to prep and cook. Make sure you follow our Quick Start Guide to Defrost Steak, and serve with fresh, grilled veggies and a great crusty bread.

Sunday: Buttered Lobster Tails

Sundays herald the return to the school and work week, and we all know nothing spells joy like a little surf ‘n’ turf! Wild Caught Maine Lobster Tails, melted butter, lemon juice, orange peel, salt, ginger and paprika are all you need to whip up a “pick-me-up” you’ll soon be thanking us for. Serve with your favorite Filet Mignon and a vegetable, and we can guarantee everyone at your dinner table will wake up ready for the week to come. Well, technically, we can’t guarantee that, but we do know they’ll go to bed with a full belly and a smile!

Well, what do you think? Which of our back to school recipes sounds the tastiest to you? Tell us in the comments below, and bookmark this page for easy reference!