05 Sep

7 Game Day Ideas to make your Watch Party Menu a Snap

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Since the first televised football game in 1939, Americans have celebrated game day by gathering with friends and family in living rooms across the nation to cheer on their favorite teams. Game day traditions have grown over the years, and are now full-fledged fan events which include wearing team colors, jerseys, fantasy football, and of course, delicious game day food.

The best game day food is delicious, easy to eat and requires little prep on your end. Traditional game day food favorites include snack foods like chips and dip, veggies, pizza, and of course, the always popular hot wings. As we kick-off this year’s “game day season,” we thought it only fitting to share our fresh starting line-up of 7 Game Day Ideas to make your Watch Party Menu a Snap.

1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Tender, flavorful pulled pork, sauced with our signature Crazy Good KC Style Barbecue Sauce make pulled pork sandwiches an easy win for your game day menu. Just heat and serve with a great bun. Don’t forget the pickles!

2. Classic Sliders

Who doesn’t love a great slider? Ready in minutes, easy to eat and packed with a full helping of steakburger flavor, these bite-sized beauties are the perfect addition to your menu. Change it up and earn an extra point from your guests: serve as a “slider bar” by offering a variety of favorite toppings and sauces.

3. All Beef Hot Dogs

All-American hot dogs are a staple at any game day event. These all-beef franks straight from the heartland make game day food a breeze. Heat and serve with all the fixings.

4. Buffalo Wings

Game day wouldn’t be game day without a nod to the go-to football fan favorite: hot wings. There is no shortage of hot wing recipes to be found, but for the big game we really love a classic wing. Check out this easy recipe for great Baked Buffalo Wings from Dinner at the Zoo, or Crispy Baked Chicken Wings from YellowBlissRoad. Serve with celery sticks, blue cheese or ranch.

5. Spare Ribs

Next on our list: tender, flavorful spare ribs, sauced and ready to heat and serve. With less than half an hour to heat, you can be sure your game day food “game” just got an upgrade!

6. Do the Dip

Dips have been a staple of game day food since…well, no one really knows, but we have to agree a great dip is on the top of almost every best game day food list! We curated a short list of great dips to try:

7. Chili

Embrace the cooler months and charge up your menu with a killer chili recipe. Try one of our favorites and serve with cheese, chopped onions and any other toppings you love!

You’re ready for action! Share your favorite game day food recipe in the comments and tell us who you’re rooting for!