12 Dec

7 Reasons to Serve Steak as the Centerpiece for the Holidays

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : entertaining,  holiday 

The holidays can be a magical season. But they can also be a stressful time with high expectations and increased pressure.

We can’t help with the awkward family dynamics, but we can help with ensuring your guests’ jaws hit the table when the centerpiece makes its appearance.

We asked Ralph Pallarino, our QVC on-air rep and product expert, to give our readers his top 7 reasons to serve steak this holiday season:

  1. Steak Stands Out – Sure, you can basically repeat what you served a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving and everyone will eat ham or turkey to their heart’s content. However, one look at our prime rib roast occupying center stage on your finely decorated table will surely impress.
  2. The Taste is Top-Notch – We can all recall our favorite steak dinner at a fine restaurant and how we felt that night. The rich smell, the deep taste, the terrific conversation. The problem with trying to replicate that experience at home with store-bought steak is, well…it’s impossible. With the amount of care we bring each of our wet-aged steaks, allow us to bring the holiday dinner to your doorstep. Then allow the top-notch taste to overwhelm your guests.
  3. Gives You Pride – You’ve gone to great lengths to host for the holidays. The house is picked up, the kids are minding their manners (at least temporarily), the wine chosen and the playlist has been selected. The last thing you should do is roll out a subpar centerpiece to your family and friends. They deserve better than that, and you deserve to be praised when they grab the steak knife.
  4. Steak is Symbolic – Family, tradition, friendship, gifts, memories – the holidays are rich with meaning. Shouldn’t the centerpiece support that theme and be a symbolism of the importance of this season?
  5. Side Dish Sidekicks – Instead of worrying about the sides needed to accompany the meal, a steak centerpiece takes its rightful place on the table, leaving the side dishes to play the perfect supporting role. Keep it simple with lightly cooked vegetables, potatoes and a nice balance of sweet and savory. Here’s to ensuring simple richness.
  6. Excuse to Fire Up the Grill – Whether it’s 60 degrees or 30 below, beautiful steaks are the best excuse to put your grill to use. Oven-cooked steaks are terrific, but the grill marks take it to another level. Plus, there’s just something about that smoke rising….
  7. The Extra Mile Brings Smiles – Isn’t that what the holidays are about? Making memories, enjoying time together, reminding our loved ones how much we care. We won’t pretend a steak solves all of the world’s problems, but it sure helps bring a little extra joy this time of year. And it will leave your friends and family feeling extra special.

Happy holidays steak-lovers. We’re grateful you invite us in to be the centerpiece of your holiday table.