17 Jul

7 Ways to Top a Summer Hot Dog

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : hot dogs,  recipe,  toppings 

Whether it’s at a ballpark, a backyard or a beach, there’s something about a hot dog that screams summer. We guess that’s why July is National Hot Dog Month. It just makes sense.

Some say a hot dog is a hot dog, just buy some cheap franks and toss them on the grill. That’s certainly one method…if you want to go the lazy and unimpressive route.

But what if you stepped up your hot dog game a bit this summer? Surely you have a date to impress or a friend or family member to make up to, right?

Let us help you. Grab the all-beef hot dogs, straight from the Heartland, and then pick one of these seven incredible ways to put the finishing touches on a summer meal made in heaven.

  1. Homemade Pickle Relish – you’ll relish the opportunity (see what we did there?) to toss out the expired, half-used relish bottle in your refrigerator that you haven’t used since last summer. This homemade recipe knocks the socks off the store-bought stuff.
  2. BLT Dogs – the BLT is a summer staple as well, so why not combine the two for a party in your mouth?
  3. Guac Dog – guacamole is never a bad idea.
  4. Mac & Cheese Dog – having a bunch of kids over for a birthday or pool party? Who are we kidding, this one is perfect for the adults too.
  5. No Bun, Lettuce Wrapped Dogs – for those counting carbs or steering clear of gluten, try the lettuce wrapped hot dog. Or just have two since you’re not having a bun. Sounds reasonable.
  6. Tropical Dog – couldn’t swing the beach vacation this summer? No sweat, we’ll bring the tropics to you.
  7. Bacon Wrapped Dog – bacon and hot dogs are both delicious by themselves. Together? Mind-blowing.

It would be a shame to let July slip away without an expression of creativity on America’s most famous summer food. Give one of these a shot or tell us your own creative twist on the hot dog.

Happy eating!