11 Mar

8 Easy Easter Dinner Menus You’ll Love

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The grass is beginning to turn green again, buds have begun to appear on the trees, and spring beckons all to venture outdoors and enjoy the warmer temperatures. With the return of patio weather, it’s time to plan for the holiday darling of spring: Easter.

Traditional Easter dinner menus are crafted with an experience in mind. The main dish can vary, depending on local and personal preferences, but some of the top choices include spiral sliced ham, roast lamb, prime rib or steak. The best side dishes for your Easter dinner are those that hold a special place in your memories. Most Easter spreads will include a potato casserole or dish, as well as carrots, various other vegetable and fruit sides, hot rolls or hot cross buns, and of course, a plethora of Easter desserts.

Easter Dinner Ideas

This year, choose Easter dinner ideas that give you the chance to get out of the kitchen and spend quality time with your loved ones instead. Choose one of the easy menus we’ve put together below and relax! You can easily add each item to your cart by clicking the links below. Just make sure to order in time for Easter; all items will be shipped directly to your doorstep.

  • Simple Bone-in Hickory Ham Menu

Simple, delicious, and the right choice for the home holiday chef who wants to save some time, but still wants to make a few favorite family recipes, this heat and serve Hickory Ham Meal is already packaged together for you and includes a fully cooked bone-in Hickory Smoked Ham, one Mac and Cheese Casserole and one Mississippi Mud Cake.

  • Complete Traditional Hickory Ham Menu

For those who want to stay out of the kitchen completely and still serve a complete menu, this is the right Hickory Ham menu for you. Choose a fully cooked bone-in Hickory Smoked Ham with Potatoes Au Gratin, Creamed Spinach, and Green Bean Casserole for sides, and a bright Key Lime Pie for dessert.

  • Simple Rack of Lamb Menu

Our smooth, tender, buttery grass-fed rack of lamb can be grilled, roasted, or cut into chops for the perfect Easter dinner entree. Choose one Grass Fed 8 Bone Rack of Lamb for your main course, and pair with Broccoli Au Gratin and a Lemon Cream Cake for a simple, delicious Easter meal. Add a few family favorite recipes to round out this Easter dinner option without spending countless hours in the kitchen.

  • Complete Rack of Lamb Menu

Take all the pressure off, skip the grocery store and order your entire Rack of Lamb dinner, complete with sides and dessert, delivered right to your door. You’ll only have to prepare the rack of lamb; the rest is simple to heat and serve! Choose one Grass Fed 8 Bone Rack of Lamb, Creamed Spinach, Baked Potato Casserole, and Crispy Asiago Asparagus for your meal. Add a Cheesecake Sampler for dessert and enjoy!

We’ve put together the perfect simple Prime Rib Meal with Prime Rib Roast, Creamed Spinach, Twice Baked Potatoes with Cheddar and Bacon and a Mississippi Mud Cake. You’ll prepare your Prime Rib Roast, heat the sides and serve with delight! Simple and delicious!

  • Complete Prime Rib Menu

If you prefer a larger spread, this is the perfect option for you and your Easter guests. Choose the Prime Rib Roast that will feed your crew and add Hashbrown Casserole, Mac and Cheese, and Green Bean Casserole. Don’t forget to choose dessert! We recommend Chocolate Truffle Lava Cake or Classic Cheesecake…or both!

  • Simple Steak Menu

As a rule of thumb, steak is the right choice for just about any meal, and Easter is no different. For a simple steak menu, choose Filet Mignon, Kansas City Strips, or Ribeyes and grill to your liking. Pair with Twice Baked Potatoes and the dessert of your choice. You’ll spend a little time at the grill, but we all know it’s your favorite place to be, anyway.

  • Complete Steak Menu

Take a simple steak menu to the next level for a bigger table. Order your steaks of choice, and add Scallops Wrapped in Bacon or Maryland Style Crab Cakes for an appetizer, Baked Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, and Creamed Corn for side dishes, and Lemon Cream Cake or a Cheesecake Sampler for dessert.

Easter dinner ideas couldn’t be any simpler! Make sure to order in time for Easter delivery, then kick back and relax; dinner’s covered. Share with your friends and family who will be hosting Easter and tell us your favorite Easter dish in the comments below!