04 May

8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Steaks Beat Every Time

By Kansas City Steak Company

We get it. There are staple, go-to Mother’s Day gifts that are safe. They’re reliable like brand-name tires and dental floss, but they just don’t wow. 

They don’t give mom that acknowledgment she deserves. They don’t say, “Whoa, mom! I can’t believe you’ve maintained as much sanity as you have, and with such grace and poise.” And, let’s be honest, that’s what mom needs to hear.

Sure, mom loves you enough to be “happy” with a card bought at 5 am the morning of Mother’s Day. But isn’t that just one more reason to respect and celebrate the lady?

We sure think so. But if you need more convincing, we’ve pulled together a list of eight traditional gifts that steaks beat every time.  Start at the top and, once you’re satisfied, check out the gifts we think go best with Mother’s Day here.

  1. Flowers

It’s spring, flowers are the gift we’re all receiving right now. On Valentine’s Day, sure; February’s weather is pretty bleak, and an in-bloom flower really stands out. In May, giving flowers is like trying to compete with mother nature – poor move. Try a Kansas City Steaks Gift Box…things will go better.

  1. Chocolates

Most of us just finished off the last of the Easter candy, and the pool opens at the end of May.  Now is not the time for more chocolate. A filet mignon to help deliciously kick start reducing carbs…absolutely!

  1. Beauty products

Nothing says I love you like something to help mom cover her actual face. Except, like, anything else. Let mom worry about what her face does or doesn’t need; you focus on making her feel good.

  1. Cookbooks

Ok, we like to cook, and we post recipes all the time. But should a Mother’s Day gift be an educational item to help mom plan the next meal she’s making for everyone else? It’s mom’s day to be pampered. Get her some Kansas City Strips and put dad to work on the grill. 

  1. Perfume

We like good smells. But we’ll take the smell of a correctly seasoned, seared, and cooked steak over perfume any day of the week. We think mom will too.

  1. Just a Card

Card is to Mother’s Day as appetizer is to 6-course meal. Try harder.

  1. Wine

A nice bottle of wine can be wonderful – especially when served with a tender, marbled ribeye.  Make it a duo!

  1. Dinner Out

Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. If you’re looking to give mom a calm, relaxing meal – skip the crowded restaurants and take care of her at home. 

Now that you’re convinced, check out our list of Mother’s Day gifts.