10 Apr

9 Hot Dog Recipes That Bring the Ballpark to Your Home

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : hot dogs,  recipe 

Here in Kansas City, Opening Day is a holiday. Not technically. But it might as well be.

A day when parents pull their children out of school early. When bosses see an abnormal amount of sick days from their employees. When truck beds are filled with charcoal, grills and ball gloves.

Nearly 40,000 Royals fans will file into Kauffman Stadium Opening Day. Each of them eager to experience the thrill of baseball again, our nation’s favorite pastime.

There’s not much like seeing the perfectly manicured outfield grass or the crisp, white foul lines.

Nothing is better than hearing the crack of the bat or the roar of the crowd.

It’s hard to beat the delicious food and grill smells emanating from the tailgate lots.

And there’s certainly nothing like the taste of ballpark food, especially a hot dog.

Grabbing a hot dog at a ball game is a rite of passage, a ritual, a staple of spring and summer. Win or lose, your day is better when a hot dog accompanies your ballpark experience.

But what if you’re not at the ballpark? Don’t sweat it, here are 9 creative, delicious ways to replicate the ballpark hot dog experience at home.

  1. All Beef Dog – First things first, our all beef hot dogs are the foundation for the best in class experience you desire.
  2. Guacamole Dog – not reserved exclusively for tortilla chips, guacamole can transform an ordinary dog into an extraordinary one
  3. Grilled Chicago Dogs – you don’t have to love their baseball teams, but there’s no way you won’t love their dogs
  4. Pretzel Dogs – a major step up from pigs in a blanket
  5. Bacon Barbecue Dog – Bacon, check. Barbecue, check. Dog, check. What could be better?
  6. Mac & Cheese Dogs – you can use the excuse that you’re making them for the kids
  7. Chili Dogs – you can get as messy as you want at home, these dogs won’t mind
  8. BLT Dog – enough said
  9. Nacho Dog – in the event you’re frozen with fear deciding between two ballpark favorites, nachos or a hot dog, just combine both

Jump in the concession line, pull out the tailgate grill or simply open your refrigerator. Wherever you are Monday during the Royals Home Opener or throughout the rest of spring and summer, these hot dog recipes are sure to satisfy.