07 Oct

9 Recipes to Transform Your Tailgate Party – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : recipe,  tailgating 

We’re on a mission to transform tailgate parties across the country.

It’s 2017.

Your tailgate friends deserve more than potato chips and off-brand hot dogs. And American football is too fun of a sport to serve boring food.

So, can we all agree that it’s time we up our collective tailgate game?

The hardcore tailgaters know that a good tailgate party spans past one round of food. It’s not a 24-hour event most likely, but it certainly can cover three square meals.

Especially if you’re doing it right and giving your guests something delicious to eat.

After this article, you’ll be without excuse during your next tailgate party. Do yourself (and all of your friends) a favor and ditch the lame tailgate spread and replace it with one of these options, broken down by meal:


  1. Steak, Egg and Crab Breakfast Bagel – sister of our own Rachel E. puts a twist on classic steak and eggs by sandwiching the protein between carbs. And layering in some crab meat for good measure. Yeah, your guests will think you’re awesome.
  2. Steak & Eggs with Beer and Molasses – Umm, steak, eggs and beer…at a tailgate? Yes please.
  3. Classic Steak and Egg Breakfast Bagel – Sometimes simple and classic is the perfect option. Rachel’s sister’s classic breakfast bagel will raise your tailgate game tremendously.


  1. Spice Rubbed T-Bone Steaks – A T-Bone is always a good idea. Especially a spicy one, cooked on an open grill, in a parking lot before your favorite football team takes the field.
  2. Smokey Sweet Surf & Turf Burgers with Grilled Portobellos, Gorgonzola Aioli, Bacon Fig Jam & Fried Red Onions – This one will take some time and planning, but it will leave your fellow tailgaters begging for seconds. Or a nap before kickoff. Thanks to KC Steak Cook Team Chef Cortney Riley for this masterpiece.
  3. Grilled Philly Cheesesteaks – Football and cheesesteak are as thick as thieves. Add a cast-iron skillet and it’s a dangerous combination. In the tastiest kind of way.


  1. Crown Filet with Red Wine Butter – Who says filets can only be served on white tablecloths? We think a folding table or a pickup tailgate can be perfect settings for this outdoor dinner to remember.
  2. Lobster Guacamole – A great tailgate party isn’t complete without a tasty dip of some kind. Chef Cortney Riley gives us the steps to leave the store-bought salsa at home and bring this top-shelf dip instead.
  3. Blue Cheese Spread – This appetizer will dress up any tailgate. And if you do it right, you’ll have enough blue cheese leftover to top your steaks when the main course arrives.

A transformed tailgate party will leave your guests impressed and their stomachs satisfied, no matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or better yet….all three.