12 Mar

A Tip o’ the Hat to Old Saint Pat: 6 Yummy Ways to Incorporate Beer into Your Meat-Eating Plans

By Kansas City Steak Company

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and as the saying goes: If yer Irish, it’s a vital day. If yer part Irish, it’s an important day. And if yer not Irish, ya are today.

We thought we’d share a few recipes to help get the green juices flowing. Given the history and tradition of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it appropriate to focus on incorporating beer. 

We’ve noodled until we were knackered on all the possible ways a celebrant might use their favorite dunkel, hefeweizen or stout to add a little extra depth of flavor to their cooking.

And, we admit, the possible flavor combinations are nearly endless and could be difficult to navigate. 

But, with a little luck of the Irish, the right beer used in the right way just might make this year’s festivities especially memorable. 

The list below isn’t large, but it makes up in quality what it lacks in size:

  1. Soak Your Woodchips

If planning to smoke meat, consider taking one of your best dark beers and soaking your woodchips in it. The flavor of the brew will give your food more complexity and depth.

  1. Make a Frothy, Homemade Compound Butter

If you’re feeling a bit crafty, try making your own beer-based compound butter. You’ll need some prep time as the butter needs a couple of hours to firm up once made. Not sure where to start? Get a little inspiration using this recipe from DRAFT Magazine.

  1. Try a Marinade with a Little Irish Kick

Marinades are a great way to add flavor directly. The beer will only be part of the marinade equation, but an important one. Given the season, why not try this stout-soaked porterhouse with beer butter.

  1. Beer-based BBQ Sauce

We are a Kansas City company, so naturally this list must include BBQ sauce. If you feel like your sauce needs something extra this year, try one of the beer-based BBQ sauce recipes. If you’re feeling malty, give this simple barbecue sauce a try. If you’re feeling like a darker brew, give this recipe a roll.

  1. Beer Sauce

If you’re the type that likes a wine sauce over your steak – whic is nearly everyone – why not try a steak with beer sauce?  Try creating a beer sauce with your steak drippings.

  1. Beer Butt Chicken

A grilling classic. The chicken cooks rested on a can of beer. The steam creates fall-off-the-bone goodness. Avoid the bitter stouts, IPAs etc. – save those for later.

We hope you strike gold this St. Patrick’s Day, we wish you a happy, safe and steak-infused holiday!