28 Oct

Cool Nights, Sizzling Steaks: Celebrate Fall with Steak

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Cooler nights call for sizzling steaks and all the flavors of fall and comfort shared with loved ones. So, we’re sharing our favorite fall steak recipes and ideas for steak dinner. Pull on your coziest sweater, then settle in as we unpack our best fall steak-spiration for your dining pleasure.

Fall Steak Recipes

Let’s be honest: steak is our favorite entrée no matter the season, but there’s something about fall that encourages creativity and a little extra spice to turn up the heat. The best steak recipes require high quality cuts of beef and just the right amount of spices and seasonings to coax a little extra heat onto your plate. Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon, Ribeyes, Kansas City Strips and Picanha are all top contenders for fall steak recipes in our book.

Start with our fork-tender Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon with Bacon. Then mix your ingredients. This flavorful marinade consists of dark and light soy sauces, bourbon, garlic, olive oil, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper for just the right amount of heat and flavor every fall steak recipe needs.

Begin with thick, juicy Kansas City Strip Steaks seasoned with Original Steak Seasoning. After you grill to your preferred doneness, serve with Balsamic Steak Gravy with Portobello Mushrooms on the side for an autumn steak dish worth applause.

Rich, marbled Ribeye steaks provide the perfect autumn anchor to Melt in Your Mouth Steaks. Marinade with “Better than Bouillon” beef base, minced garlic cloves, onion powder and fresh rosemary and enjoy warm, buttery steaks.

Steak Dinner Ideas

Comfort food and holidays go hand in hand with cool weather, and while comfort food is delicious and appropriate, traditional cold weather side dishes often require a hefty investment of time and energy. While planning sizzling steak dinners for your cool nights, choose a side dish recipe or two to perfect, but why not consider taking it easy and leave the rest of dinner to us?

Choose from our heat and serve comfort food favorites:

Now you’re ready to keep everyone at your table warm on those cold nights!

Fall Steak Recipes