02 Apr

Easter Dinner Essentials for Everyone

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Easter brings to mind sunshine, spring flowers, brightly colored eggs, a delicious Easter dinner and of course, quality time with your loved ones. Your holiday might look a little different this year, but certain things will always qualify as Easter essentials. This year, skip a trip to the grocery store and order your holiday meal and Easter desserts online to enjoy speedy delivery straight to your doorstep. Today, we’re delivering everything you need with Easter Dinner Essentials for Everyone.

Easter Entrees

Every Easter holiday guide needs a solid offering of entree ideas, right? Choose one of our favorites!

1. Hickory Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham

This year, forego the grocery store and let us handle your holiday meal. Our lean, delicious spiral-sliced ham is slow-smoked over hickory logs for hours to get that perfect flavor you love. Thaw and heat for an Easter dinner success story in the making.

2. Traditional Rubbed Prime Rib Roast

There’s simply nothing like a rich, marbled Prime Rib Roast, and this Traditional Rubbed version is worth its own entry in our Easter dinner ideas list. Our beef roast is seasoned with the perfect amount of garlic, onion, celery, coriander, and thyme. If you prefer to season your own beef, try our hallmark entree instead: Prime Rib Roast.

3. Grass Fed Rack of Lamb

Mild, buttery, and cut from the best part of the lamb, we know this is one Easter dinner you’ll delight over. Choose one, or order two 8-bone racks and save.

4. Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey

We’re happy to report Thanksgiving doesn’t hold a monopoly on the bird. This year, bring all the comforts of the holidays to your Easter dinner with our savory 9-11 lb Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey. Every Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey is cured in brown sugar, honey and whole spices, then slow-smoked to perfection.

5. Berkshire Pork Tenderloin Roast

Distinctive, tender and full of flavor, Berkshire Pork Tenderloin Roast is an excellent alternative for your Easter dinner menu.

Easter Side Dishes

Last week, we explored all the ins and outs of the best Easter dinner side dishes in this post, but today we’re sharing a few side dish stand-outs.

6. Sweet Potato Casserole

Creamy, sweet, oh-so-simple. Need we say more?

7. Hashbrown Casserole

Fresh-cut potatoes and creamy, rich cheese, this is Easter side dish royalty.

Easter Desserts

It wouldn’t be Easter without a decadent Easter dessert, would it? Although, fair warning. One bite of these delicacies will leave you bidding Easter egg candy, “Adieu.”

8. New York Cheesecake

Rich, decadent cheesecake, baked in a perfect graham cracker crust.

9. Chocolate Truffle Lava Cake

4 flourless, dark chocolate truffles filled with scrumptious chocolate ganache.

10. Mississippi Mud Cake

Chocolate, on chocolate, drizzled with chocolate. You think we’re kidding, but we’re not. You’re welcome.

Is your menu mission accomplished? Forget social distancing at the grocery store and order from the comfort of your couch to ensure timely delivery for Easter dinner, then share with all your friends on Facebook! They’ll welcome the delicious interruption.