26 Aug

5 Filet Mignon Tips from the Kansas City Steak Team

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : filet mignon,  steak 101 

It makes us sad, but we’re nearing the end of Filet Mignon Month. We hope you’ve filled your calendar and your stomachs with our tender Filet Mignon this August.

To lead us down the homestretch this month, we’ve asked a couple of our longtime, trustworthy employees to share their own personal Filet Mignon cooking tips with our steak-loving readers.

Bob in Marketing, Merry in Customer Service and Marcy in Brand Marketing have been with us a combined 10 years, but they’ve loved Filet Mignon much longer.

They’ve been friends with Filet Mignon forever.

Here are the 5 tips they shared, straight from their own kitchens:

  1. Make a Blackened Seasoning – this provides the perfect amount of heat for that perfect Filet Mignon. Mix 1 tsp each: garlic powder, cayenne pepper, coarse salt, coarsely ground pepper and thyme. Add 2 tsp each: paprika and thyme. And finally, ¼ tsp cumin. The result? Taste bud explosion!
  2. Sear the Sides Too – most steak-searing cooks understand the idea to sear the Filet Mignon on each side for a couple minutes. But on super-thick Filet Mignon, it’s often overlooked to sear the sides as well. Not only does it look awesome, it seals in those juices for when that sharp knife takes action.
  3. Bake the Steak – yeah, it sounds against our steak-grilling religious roots, but once the steak is seared, moving it to indirect heat and effectively “baking” it to desired doneness is a savory way to enjoy a Filet Mignon.
  4. Butter Can Correct Your Mistakes – every once in a while, we all get a little too ambitious with our sear. If this happens and your steak is a little singed, try rubbing a little butter on it. This won’t save a completely charred steak, but for a light burn, it works wonders.
  5. The Best Knife is a Sharp One – a perfect steak gets a bruised ego when a dull knife shows up on the scene. So, to impress your guests, sharpen those knives in advance. A precise cut on a tremendous steak only enhances the experience. Like a hot knife through butter they say. Only better.

Cheers to celebrating the last few days of Filet Mignon Month appropriately, with a sharp knife in hand.