15 May

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Seven Types of Dads

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We hope you had a terrific weekend celebrating Mom. She deserved every second of it.

Dads are now on deck.

You have a few weeks, but before it sneaks up on you, here is the ultimate Kansas City Steak gift guide for Father’s Day. Broken down by dad type, because we know not all dads are alike.

No matter your dad’s personality type, we’ll make it easy for you to give him the perfect gift.

  • The Thrifty Dad – the one who puts his family first and would give his own meal away if it meant someone else got seconds. His car is 15 years old, his jeans aren’t the newest style, and he’s made these sacrifices so braces and prom dresses can be purchased. He’s reliable and trustworthy, but he’ll question the amount of money you spend on him for Father’s Day. So spend wisely, with the perfect package for The Thrifty Dad.
  • The Sports Lover Dad – your best memories with Dad involve him shuttling you to and from practice and watching your favorite teams on TV together. Perhaps even keeping you up past bedtime to do so. He’s been your biggest fan and he’d love nothing more than grilling a burger and watching a ballgame with you this Father’s Day. Or even better, grabbing a game of catch once the burgers are gone. This is the gift he desires.
  • The Sentimental Dad – he can’t even talk about the births of his children, their graduations or their weddings without being reduced to tears. The traditions around the family table are some of his favorite times. He’s eager to toast to the memories of the past and the ones to come. Be sure to capture his emotion when he opens this box.
  • The Celebratory Dad – for the dad who knows how to throw the best party and gather the most special people. He’s known for sparing no expense to be sure his guests leave with their stomachs full and their hearts glad. It’s important for him to make unforgettable meals and host the best dinners. Here is the gift for this kind of dad.
  • The Grill-Master Dad – he’s so particular about his grill that even though he loves you, there’s no doubt who is in charge of the Father’s Day meal. You’re not allowed to touch his grill. Instead of insisting he kick up his feet, provide him with premium cuts of steak so he can work his magic. He’d rather be outside grilling so send this gift to his doorstep.
  • The Knows No Stranger Dad – a friend to all he comes in contact with, which often translates into a house full of people at meal time. For him, he needs good music, the best wine, tender steaks and a house full of laughter. Grab him this gift. And to play it safe, you may want to get two. When he sees the neighbors outside on Father’s Day, he’ll likely invite them over.
  • The Meat and Potatoes Dad – he refuses anything fancy. This dad doesn’t try to be impressive. He’s a simple guy. He’s steady, hard-working. He’d be upset if you overspent on him, he doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. He’s a meat and potatoes guy, strong and steady. We’ve got you covered with this classic, yet simple gift.

No matter your dad’s type, the most important thing this Father’s Day is to say:

Thanks Dad!