17 Jun

Father’s Day Recipes

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The sensational sizzle of the grill serves as a summery soundtrack while families gather on patios, in backyards and around tables to celebrate and show gratitude for the man of the hour himself: Dad.

Father’s Day dinner ideas are often earmarked by great steaks, hearty Father’s Day recipes and all the flavor you can handle. The real keys to a fantastic Father’s Day dinner are simple: grilling “done right,” great marinades, rubs and seasonings, and side dishes filled with garden fresh ingredients.

Every grill-lovin’ dad will tell you that the best steak seasonings and marinades are complementary and allow the flavor of the steak to shine through. That being said, a great seasoning or marinade will elevate your steak experience by subtly enhancing the flavor.

If there’s one thing Dad knows, it’s steak. To celebrate him well, show him you’ve been paying attention to all his grilling tips over the years and craft a Father’s Day dinner fit for a king. Start with his favorite cut: T-bone, ribeye, Kansas City Strip, Porterhouse, Filet, or even Picanha…you can’t really go wrong, but it is Dad’s day.

If there were ever a time to spring for something truly special, this is it.

Try one of our favorite marinades:

Or craft a Father’s Day dinner entrée worth remembering with a rub:

If great steaks were a cake, then great steak sauce would be the frosting. Celebrate Dad well, skip the traditional bottled versions and opt for a fresh and flavorful homemade steak sauce instead:

Father’s Day Recipes: Side Dishes

You’ve chosen the perfect Father’s Day dinner ideas and selected Dad’s favorite cut of steak. You know just how you’ll prepare and grill it… Now it’s time to round out the meal and your Father’s Day dinner menu.

The best side dishes for Father’s Day are full of fresh, seasonal ingredients and flavor, and will complement your main entrée. Choose recipes that include fresh vegetables and fruits you can find in the garden in your region and be sure they are items Dad enjoys! We recommend:

Dad’s ready…you’re ready…the only thing left to do now is decide who’ll be firing up the grill! Bookmark this post for easy reference, then tell us what’s on your Father’s Day menu in the comments below!