08 Mar

Fish for Every Friday

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As we eagerly welcome the warmth, sunshine and longer days that accompany spring, many of us are applying the “KonMari Method” to the clutter that accumulated in our living spaces over the colder months. It should come as no surprise that as we clean and organize our homes, we also begin to revamp our weekly steak and seafood menus in order to accommodate the fresh season and keep us from falling into the dreaded “dinner rut.”

Seafood lovers have long lauded the convenience and ease of seafood delivery, and we have to agree wholeheartedly. After all, what’s easier than ordering your favorite seafood online and having it delivered straight to your door?

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up “Fish for Every Friday” – our guide full of the best types of seafood. Whether you prefer seafood and steak, a buttery lobster tail, or even perfectly cooked scallops, consider rotating these mouth-watering seafood favorites into your weekly spring menu for dinners that delight.

Crab Cakes

Maryland Style Crab Cakes are what we call a seafood lover crowd-pleaser. Stuffed with sweet, lump blue crab meat and breaded with a savory spice blend, bread crumbs and a hint of red pepper, they pack a memorable punch. Serve these with a colorful carrot, mango and jicama slaw for a fresh and stunning plate – and a thrilled palate.

Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails are a fan favorite and top choice for seafood delivery for a reason: they are delicious! Prepare with this incredible lobster dipping sauce and serve with your favorite spring salad for the perfect Friday dinner.


Shrimp is the seafood pretty much everyone can get behind, and we can see why. Delicious and versatile, there is no limit to creativity when it comes to shrimp menu options. We love this Shrimp Wrapped in Bacon. The large, flavorful shrimp is perfectly paired with lean bacon and is incredible when served with wild rice. Add your favorite grilled vegetable for a perfectly rounded meal.


Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon is another top contender in the race for best types of seafood for your Friday menu. The rich flavor, firm texture and deep color make this wild salmon an easy choice for any seafood lover. Pair with a classic Caesar salad or broiled asparagus with lemon, and you’ll have a winning dinner on your hands.

Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about seafood delivery, but it should be! Firm, flaky perfection with a buttery taste, and prepared in less than 15 minutes? What’s not to love? For a bright plate that pleases, serve on a bed of steamed spinach with a few broiled cherry tomatoes.


For those who love seafood and steak, Wild Caught Pacific Halibut is a natural addition to your Friday menu. Halibut is excellent, whether it is baked, seared or grilled, and it has a nice, mild flavor that is wonderful with either grilled or sautéed vegetables.


The final installment in our Fish for Every Friday round-up is the firm, flaky Ahi Tuna Fillet. Whether you are a seafood delivery first timer, or a loyal subscriber, you will appreciate the flavor and texture of these wild-caught Yellowfin Tuna fillets. Serve with these mashed potato cakes or spicy edamame and enjoy!

There you have it – Fish for Every Friday! Bookmark this post for ease as you begin cycling these mouthwatering types of seafood into your meal-planning, and get ready to spark a little joy.