19 Jul

Food on the Move: A Few Ways to Eat Delicious Homemade Food on the Go

By Kansas City Steak Company

Remember jumping into the station wagon with Mom and Dad and hitting the open road for your annual family vacation? 

Sure, it’s all airplane flights and cruises today, but back then airplanes were for business and cruises weren’t really “family friendly.” No, instead we had miles of open road, an 8-track player and whatever food we could fit in the cooler. 

That’s right, WHATEVER FOOD WE COULD FIT IN THE COOLER. Fast food was a thing, but not fast enough by dad’s standards, so we ate what we could take with us: we feasted on PB&Js, sodas, bags of chips, snack cakes and – upon mom’s orders – we’d choke down a carrot stick or two.

Those were the days.

Today things are different, but they don’t have to be. You can still throw your kids in the back of your crossover, tap play on the MP3 player and hit the highway. And you can still eat on the move. You can, however, enhance your on-the-move menu options with a few of these fresh ideas…

Steak sammie on the go: Steak can be a little tricky. What you have to remember is that meats you keep warm continue to cook.  Even in something as simple as a steak sandwich, most still want tender medium-rare meat.  So, cook the steaks rare – but warm – and wrap in foil.  If it will be awhile before you eat, put it in an insulated bag with a hot pack.  Don’t be afraid to throw in some lightly grilled peppers and onions to make into delicious sammie toppings.

Cold steak salad on the go: If you don’t want to risk the steak losing that perfect doneness, think chilled. You can prepare the steak beforehand, slice to desired chunks, and throw into individual Tupperware containers. Keep chilled in the cooler till it’s time to add your favorite salad dressing and devour.

Hot dogs and burgers on the go: Hot dogs and burgers are an on-the-move favorite. Just like the steaks, cook to desired doneness then wrap in foil – again, they might continue to cook.  Also, consider an insulated container and a hot pack for longer periods. If you’re hoping to keep those burgers and dogs warm for hours, it’s your best bet. If you plan on eating within the hour, consider taking a tip from every baseball stadium vendor: wrap the dog/burger and bun in aluminum foil.  Don’t forget the toppings!

Tacos on the go: These have also been called walking tacos. You need taco meat, typical taco toppings, and a few individuals bags of tortilla chips (you can also use Doritos). If you’re looking to make those tacos out of premium ground beef, be sure to add a few pounds to your next KC steak order here.