24 Jun

Grill Profile – Big Green Egg

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Throughout the summer, we’re giving our readers an in depth look at several grillers and smokers.

We know it can be confusing when making such a big and important selection. After all, whatever you choose will be the trusted source to take care of our beloved steaks for your family gatherings and neighborhood cookouts.

Steak and eggs go back a long way. Steaks on EGGS however started in 1974 in a small store in Atlanta, Georgia when Ed Fisher opened a shop called Big Green Egg®.

We’re sure you’ve heard about a kamado-style cooker and specifically, the buzz around a Big Green Egg. But what is it? And how amazing will it cook a Kansas City Steak Company steak?

We asked Bob, Big Green Egg’s Director of Brand Enhancement a few questions about why our readers should cook our steaks on their EGGS.

  1. What should a Kansas City Steak customer expect when they cook their steaks on a Big Green Egg? – “By combining our pure hickory and oak lump charcoal (sourced from the Missouri Ozarks) with Big Green Egg searing temperatures of up to 750 degrees, your Kansas City Steak Company steak will be the best you’ve ever tasted!
  2. What makes the Big Green Egg different from other grilling options? – “The Big Green Egg combines a unique kamado-style design with high-grade ceramic construction and an easy-to-use airflow management system so that cooking temperature can be precisely controlled. So whether going low and slow with a beef brisket for 14 hours at 225, roasting a whole rib roast at 350, baking a pizza at 550 or searing a magnificent porterhouse at 750, the Big Green Egg is the only outdoor cooker that can facilitate so many great tasting cooking styles in one device.”
  3. Is it easy to use a Big Green Egg? – “Anyone who understands the “recipe for fire” will be able to master basic grilling, roasting, smoking and baking with the Big Green Egg on their first or second try. And biggreenegg.com offers dozens of tips and hundred of recipes to help you get started.”
  4. Why should someone ditch their typical grill for an EGG? – “No other outdoor cooker can match the Big Green Egg’s versatility (grill, roast, smoke or bake), quality (our ceramics carry a lifetime warranty) and outcomes (everything tastes better cooked in an EGG).”
  5. Can you share one grilling tip or trick when cooking steaks on an EGG? – “For an unbeatable combination, start with your favorite KC Steak Company steak, simple seasoning and the right fuel for the job: Big Green Egg pure lump charcoal. And then finish it with a precise high temp sear on a Big Green Egg. That is the guaranteed formula for ruling any cookout!”

We recently put our steaks on their EGGS at Boulevardia, an event here in our hometown. We’ll let the pictures do the talking, you do the drooling.

Big Green Egg and T-Bones

Grill Profile - Big Green Egg

Steaks on Grill