14 Jul

Grill Profile – Fuego

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : grilling tips,  steak 101 

There’s no better time than National Grilling Month to perfect how to grill steak on a gas grill.

So, we asked our friend Corey Knaffle, President of Fuego Living, to share his juiciest tips and tricks to help you master the perfect sear on your favorite steak on their premium gas grills.

  1. What should a Kansas City Steak customer expect when they cook their steaks on a Fuego grill?

“Our grill offers a quick preheat cycle, allowing you to start grilling steaks on a gas grill efficiently. It minimizes hot spots and ensures your steaks are cooked evenly. Fuego grills also create impressive sear marks that not only enhance the appearance of your steaks but also help to seal in the natural juices, resulting in delicious and flavorful meat.”

  1. How is grilling a steak on a Fuego grill different from grilling steak on another product?

“Our grills are designed to get seriously hot! Within just 5 minutes, they can reach temperatures of over 500°F; in about 10 minutes, they can soar up to 700°F. The combination of these high temperatures and our heavy-duty solid cast iron or stainless-steel grates ensures exceptional heat retention and transfer. This means you can achieve those perfect sear marks and effectively lock in the flavor of your meats. What sets Fuego grills apart is their compact firebox and lid area, which is specifically designed to minimize air flow. This feature plays a crucial role in preventing dry meats, ensuring that your culinary creations are juicy and flavorful.”

  1. Can you share your 3 best grilling tips and/or tricks for cooking steaks on a Fuego grill?

“Follow the Fuego 3 P’s:

  • Preparation: Start by preparing your steaks with your preferred seasonings or marinade. For optimal results, let the steaks rest at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes before placing steak on gas grill. This allows the flavors to penetrate the meat and ensures even cooking.
  • Preheat: Achieving that mouthwatering sear is key when grilling steaks on a gas grill. We recommend preheating our grills on high for a duration of 7-10 minutes. The longer the preheat, the better, as it helps to create that delectable crust on your steaks that we all love.
  • Patience: Trust the grill to do its magic. For most cuts, we recommend cooking for around 4-5 minutes per side, depending on your desired level of doneness. Use a timer and a meat thermometer to gauge the internal temperature accurately. Avoid constantly checking, moving, or flipping the steaks, as it can disrupt the cooking process. Once your steaks reach the desired internal temperature, we suggest removing them from the grill and letting them rest under aluminum foil for approximately 10 minutes. This resting period allows the juices to redistribute, resulting in tender and flavorful steaks when served.”

Great advice.

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