09 Nov

Hit the Holiday Easy Button With Our Traditional Thanksgiving Meals

By Kansas City Steak Company

The undeniable grand champion of the feasting holidays is Thanksgiving. No other holiday is as dedicated to gorging yourself until you’ve induced a tryptophan coma. No other holiday literally turns your mouth into a hole where pie goes – aka your pie hole. No other holiday occurs right when the weather turns cold enough for puffy coats and big sweaters to hide a little added celebratory girth.

Thanksgiving is the best.

It also requires 2 to 3 days of prep, some may argue more. With the turkey, carb-filled sides, pie, potato-based sides, fresh rolls, creamed vegetables, appetizers, and really-should-be-classified-as-a-dessert sides…there’s a lot to execute. It typically takes a slew of helpers to orchestrate all the preparation and oven scheduling.

But what if you could shrink prep to a 1/2 day by knocking off a few of the big items? Just knocking out the extended baking of the turkey or ham would be a big step towards adding a little ease to Turkey Day. And you can spend that time revisiting homemade rolls – or drinking a glass of wine. You could also try a new innovative side – or drink another glass of wine. The possibilities are endless! 

Well, good news. We have several centerpiece and meal offerings specifically tailored to take a little stress out of holiday prep. Best of all, we spend the time to make sure that you still have the homemade succulence and taste your feasters expect. All you have to do is heat and serve.

So, instead of juggling the preparation of all 15 critical Thanksgiving foods this year, consider letting us do a little of the prep for you with the options below.

Herb Roasted Turkey or Herb Roasted Turkey Meal – Our herb roasted turkey is pre-cooked for heat-and-serve ease, and will have everyone at the table craving seconds. Slow roasting seals in the natural juices of our tender whole turkey. If you also want to let us take care of a few sides, upgrade to the meal to add our baked potato casserole, creamed spinach, and lemon cream cake.  

Bone-in Hickory Ham or Bone-in Hickory Ham Meal – Our beautiful, fully-cooked Spiral-sliced Hickory Smoked Ham is lean, tender, brown sugar cured, and slow-smoked over all-natural hickory logs for a distinctively delicious flavor. We use only growth hormone free pork from the Missouri Ozarks. It is perfect as a gift or on your own table any time of the year. Upgrade to the meal to add Mac and Cheese Casserole and Mississippi Mud Cake. 

Happy feasting!