11 Apr

How to Host the Perfect Easter Brunch

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Warmer days are (finally!) becoming the norm, and Easter is just around the corner. American children are bursting with excitement about what goodies the Easter bunny may bring in their baskets, while Easter traditions around the world begin to unfold.

In the United States, Easter brings to mind fresh flowers, traditional “Easter bonnets,” church services, delicious brunch recipes, the Easter bunny and, of course, Easter egg hunts. Many countries celebrate Easter for varying reasons which are evident in the wide variety of traditions held by each.

In Norway, citizens prepare to read crime novels over the holiday, while their Spanish counterparts prepare for the upcoming “death dance,” in which everyone dresses up in skeleton costumes to parade through the streets. In Hungary, young men will “sprinkle” young women with perfume, cologne or water on the Monday after Easter or “Ducking Monday” and ask for kisses, while in Corfu, Greece, residents throw clay pots and pans out their windows to smash on the streets below.

While there is no shortage of interesting ways to celebrate the holiday, Easter brunch is perhaps one of our favorite Easter traditions. As a matter of fact, you might as well consider us your go-to brunch experts. We know exactly how to pull off the perfect Easter brunch – and now you can, too! With our handy “How to Host the Perfect Easter Brunch” guide in your back pocket, you can rely on our expertise to help you navigate which brunch ideas to use (or skip) and which brunch recipes are the perfect addition to your menu.


There is nothing like a thoughtful invitation to spark excitement about an upcoming event, and your Easter brunch should be no different! Historically, tradition presents that you can send an invitation as early as six weeks in advance, but modern standards stipulate that two to three weeks is entirely sufficient.

You can, of course, send an “e-vite,” but you could also purchase simple card stock and send a nice handwritten invitation to your guests. Alternatively, you could purchase a template to print your own invitations, or order custom invitations from a talented maker on Etsy. Just make sure the invitation order turnaround time will be sufficient for you to receive the invitations and send them to your guests in plenty of time.


The secret to hosting the perfect Easter brunch starts with – you guessed it – the perfect menu! Don’t wait until the last minute to sit down and make your brunch menu. Rather, give yourself at least a week prior to the date of your brunch. This will give you time to really think about the items you plan to serve, as well as gather all necessary ingredients and make any last-minute adjustments, if needed. As you plan your menu, it is vital that you think about who will be attending your brunch and make sure to consider if your invited guests have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

As a rule of thumb, it is always wise to serve a menu which contains a smattering of both savory and sweet items, as well as a dairy free and gluten free option. That may sound slightly intimidating, but take our advice and don’t overthink it. Your dairy free and gluten free brunch recipes could include something as simple as a colorful bowl of cut fruit or your favorite Hashbrown and Sausage Breakfast Casserole, or as seemingly elaborate as this delectable Butternut Squash Mushroom Bacon Frittata.


Once your menu is set, it’s time to think about how you will decorate! Easter is the traditional spring holiday, so when it comes to brunch ideas, spring decorations are always appropriate. Consider filling a few vases with fresh cut flowers and placing them around your brunch buffet and other key areas around your home. If you plan to have multiple tables for dining, make sure to purchase enough flowers for each table, in addition to your buffet.

Easter brunches were practically invented for pastels, but if you lean toward a more neutral palette, consider using a few small baskets as centerpieces and filling them with plain white eggs (we recommend to boil them first), greenery, white hydrangeas, or a mixture of hydrangeas and greenery. Milk glass vases also provide a clean, elegant touch, and can be used by themselves or with flowers.


Every enjoyable brunch showcases multiple options when it comes to drinks, and your perfect Easter brunch is a great time to pull out all the stops. Most brunch ideas include a coffee bar as a “must have,” but we think it’s worth it to consider offering a juice bar, too! Orange juice and a delicious mimosa are the standard brunch staples, but consider offering one of these delightful juice cocktails to infuse something fresh into your gathering:

Perfectly placed cards will tell your guests exactly what you have to offer, and your coffee and juice bars are another perfect opportunity to display some fresh cut flowers. A great drink bar will include ice, glasses or cups, napkins, straws, spoons, and of course, drinks. To bump your juice bar over the top, place brightly colored raspberries, blackberries and blueberries in various bowls so your guests may spoon a few into their fruity drink.


Will your perfect Easter brunch include any children? If so, don’t leave them out! Incorporate Easter traditions by planning an egg hunt that will get everyone involved.

If possible, hide the eggs prior to your brunch so you won’t need to leave your guests unattended in order to orchestrate the event. If you are unable to hide the eggs in advance, make sure to plan an indoor event or activity for the children and enlist some of your adult guests to hide the eggs during the activity.

Are you ready to get started yet? With our help, we are confident your Easter brunch will be a wild success! Now, pin or bookmark this post for easy future reference, and tell us in the comments below – which of our brunch ideas are you most excited to incorporate in your Easter brunch this year?