08 Aug

Late Summer Cool Down: How to Enjoy Steak Cold

By Kansas City Steak Company

Eating a steak fresh and hot from the grill is one of summer’s delights. The smell, juice, and seared crispy bits are what summer grilling is all about.

When you get into the heat – and sometimes humidity – of late summer, however, eating a 135-degreee steak on the patio loses a little bit of its charm. Not to mention standing over a 400-degree grill to cook said steak.

So, cold dishes become the new afternoon staple: sandwiches, cheese, crackers, fruits, veggies, and a variety of salads become a more regular mid-day outdoor meal. And all these things are good, but you don’t have to give up grilled steak just because of the weather. 

Seared steak, rocket and tomato salad topped with shaved Parmesan


Instead, do your grilling in the morning or late evening, and grill more than you plan to immediately eat. Then wrap your extra steaks and throw them in the fridge.  Finally, here’s the trick, when the high heat of the day hits, pull that steak out and eat it cold.  

Steak is actually considered one of the best dishes served cool from the refrigerator.  As much as steak hot off the grill might be the standard, plenty of people will admit to pulling a cool steak from the fridge and satisfactorily digging in for a midnight snack.

So, here are a few ways to make cold steak the center of a delicious mid-day dish.

  • Cold steak salad – A cold steak salad is a no brainer. Some might be averse to a salad – immediately associating it with light eating that leaves you hungry the rest of the day. A salad topped with 8 ounces of chopped Filet Mignon, however, is more than filling. Add some blue cheese crumbles and we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied.
  • Cold steak sandwich – A cool steak sandwich can be just as – if not more – satisfying as a hot steak sandwich. We recommend slicing thinly and placing between a roll, rather than loaf bread.  After that, add whatever sandwich toppings you prefer. If you’re looking to make it a little fancy, we recommend a nice horseradish sauce instead of mayo or mustard. 
  • Sliced cold steak on the cheese and cracker tray – If you’re a fan of munching on some cheese and crackers in the afternoon, try adding some thinly sliced steak in place of salami. Sprinkle a little sea salt and cracked pepper onto the steak slices to add some extra crunch and spice.  You’ll thank us.


Keep it cool this summer, steak lovers.