24 Jan

Love at First Bite

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Get ready for sweetheart season (or any season) with one of the most romantic gestures of all: an intimate dinner at home.

Romantic Dinner

To prepare a romantic dinner they’ll love at first bite, there are a few key ingredients: appropriate ambience, quality ingredients, a bit of flair and of course, romantic dinner recipes. Planning is important! (If you want to impress your sweetheart, you won’t skip this step!)

Begin by choosing the date and time you’ll dine together. Next, consider their dining preferences and select your menu accordingly. Choose a flavorful main entrée, one or two side dishes to enhance your entrée, and a dessert.

Once you’ve finalized your dining selections, it’s time to choose which romantic dinner recipes you’ll be preparing. Pay close attention to each recipe, and acquire all ingredients needed to pull off your romantic dinner early. Few things are more stressful than scouring the grocery store for those final two ingredients. 

Romantic Dinner Ideas

Your entrée should be the shining star of your romantic dinner, so it’s important to spare no expense here. There’s a time and place for every steak, and a romantic dinner is no exception. Put together your own romantic menu or use one of our “done for you” menu suggestions.

Ribeyes with Butter

Romantic Dinner Recipes

If you’re feeling adventurous, take some time to browse a sizzling selection of steak dinner recipes. Look for recipes that your partner will love and be sure to examine what each recipe entails before you decide on your final menu selections. Consider the length of time each recipe will take and be sure to only choose recipes you feel confident you can prepare.

Choose your own romantic dinner recipes, or start with one or two of our favorites:

Now you’re ready for a memorable date night dinner! All that’s left is the romance… and we’ll leave that up to you.