24 Jan

8 KC Spirits and Brews & The Meats We’d Pair with Them

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : pairings,  steak 

Kansas City has a longstanding reputation when it comes to quality meats, no one knows that better than us.

More recently, though, our fellow Kansas City locals have been fostering a booming craft beer and liquor scene. These micro to macro breweries and distilleries have been cranking out some of the most creative spirits and brews in the Midwest – and received some national recognition along the way.

We like more than just a few of them. And we couldn’t think of a better way to show a little love for our fellow KC pioneers than to suggest a few pairings between our craft and theirs. 

So, sit back, take a load off and take a moment to imagine having your next porterhouse or smoked salmon with one of these local delights.

1. Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey – this sherry-blended liquor hails from the east bottoms. The J. Reiger & Co. Distillery went under during prohibition, and picked the early 2000s to make its glorious comeback. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, look into their Left for Dead collaboration with Boulevard.

Pairing: filet mignon, porterhouse

2. Boulevard IPA or Pale Ale – You can’t write a KC pairing list without mentioning Boulevard. The Pale Ale is one of the all-time best sellers and they’ve turned out a number of fine IPAs, including Single-Wide, Frequent Flier, and The Calling. 

Pairing: steakburger, most grilled steaks or burgers

3. Union Horse Distilling Company Rye Whiskey – the 100 percent rye-mash whiskey is created in a copper pot still and finished in oak barrels. A lot of care goes into this classic whiskey, and you’ll taste it as the flavor evolves from raisins and caramel and ends with ginger and balsa wood.

Pairing: ribeye, T-bone, pork chops

4. Cinder Block Brewery Weathered Wit – This little brewery in North Kansas City pumps out more than a few decent brews. The Weathered Wit is a light tart beer that finishes with strong citrus notes.

Pairing: smoked salmon, crab cakes, lobster, lobster wellington

5. D. Strong Pillar 136 Gin – S.D. Strong Distilling is tucked deep inside a cave, which adds to the unique distilling process and equally unique spirits. Also, again, it’s in a cave. Let’s just admit the owners have tapped into the adolescent dream of every kid that’s ever gone hiking or watched Batman. This spirit’s balanced profile includes notes of blood orange, lemon, lime, ginger, and licorice root.

Pairing: smoked salmon, cured meats

6. Silver Mean Mule American Agave Spirit – this up-and-comer handcrafts its sole product using 100 percent blue agave. It can’t be called tequila, but it’s a lot like tequila with a little Midwestern howdy.

Pairing: ribeye, pork chop, leg of lamb

7. KC Bier Dunkel – They are here to “put the i back in bier.” Like many on this list, they haven’t been around long, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves.  The Dunkel is their full bodied, brown, Munich-style lager.  This full-bodied dandy has been a hit all around. 

Pairing: ribeye, steakburger, T-Bone

8.Holladay Distillery – the oldest distillery west of the Mississippi, they’ve been cranking out the good stuff for 160 years. And the grounds in Weston? Breathtaking. Buy a tour ticket, sample their spirits, take home your favorite bottle and finish it off with a hearty steak dinner in your kitchen.

Pairing: steaks and chops

One of your favorites not make the list? Tell us here. And happy steak and brew or steak and spirit celebrating!