20 Nov

Our Top 5 Black Friday Gifts (which don’t require long lines, waking up early, or tackling a fellow shopper)

By Kansas City Steak Company

Congrats, you’ve survived Thanksgiving! Furthermore, you’ve gone through the annual tradition of filling up on additional carbs and hip-check girth to ensure you’ve got as much density and stamina as possible for today’s shopping. 

Today is the Super Bowl of shopping days, the Boston Marathon of deal snatching. Today, turkey eaters, is Black Friday.

We may not know your role in your Black Friday Shopping squad, whether you’re the strategist that laid out today’s plan, the finesse shopper that executes with a kind of grace matched only by your efficiency, or the enforcer that makes sure everyone else is playing a fair game.

Whatever your role, though, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t mind a few easy wins today.   

So, we’ve put together our top five Black Friday gifts. Each is a unique and delicious treat that is guaranteed to make one very satisfied gift recipient. Best of all, you can do this shopping right from your home…allowing you to eat more leftovers. 

No lines, no waking up early, just a few clicks and you’re done. Enjoy!

1.) Our Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon is one of our signature steaks for a reason. Anyone would love to find this stuffed in their stocking…metaphorically speaking – please store properly.

2.) The Welcome to Kansas City Gift Combo is a combination of Filet Mignon and Kansas City Strip Steaks that should leave any omnivore smiling ear-to-ear.

3.) The Classic Steak Gift Box Combo combines 3 of our most popular steaks – Filet Mignon, Kansas City Strip, and Ribeye – to make one of the best combos we offer.

4.) The Big Daddy® combines 4 big T-Bones, 4 Filet Mignon, and 4 Kansas City Strip Steaks to make twelve satiated tummies. This is the meat masterpiece of seasonal joy. 

5.) Our Gift Cards can be literally stuffed into a stocking without any risk of spoiling. Best of all, the recipient is still pulling top-quality meats out of their stocking…again, metaphorically speaking.

Happy home shopping!