24 Jun

Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Food

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4th of July food is primarily centered around cookouts and barbecue, with “all American” favorites like grilled steak. While other holidays may be geared more toward formal dining, 4th of July recipes are typically casual, flavorful, filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients, easy to eat and the perfect accompaniment to a backyard summer barbecue.

4th of July Recipes: Steak Toppings and Sides

The key to a great steak topping, and a great side dish, is subtle flavor that enhances your cut. Think “less is more,” and when possible, choose ingredients that are fresh and vibrant. Round out your 4th of July meal with red, white, and blue recipes that provide great flavor and a patriotic palette.

4th of July Recipes: Red

There are dozens of ways to fulfill the “red” component of your “red, white and blue” menu, but not all recipes are created equal. For your 4th of July meal, you can’t go wrong with one of these favorites:

  • Red Wine Sauce – This homemade steak sauce may not be particularly red in color, but it is made with red wine, so it made our list. Serve with your favorite steak and enjoy!
  • Citrus Buttered Lobster Tails – Is there truly anything better than surf and turf? There’s no other red quite like a perfectly grilled Lobster Tail.

4th of July Recipes: White

Finishing butters, or compound butters, are made of high-quality butter and herbs or other ingredients that enhance the flavor of any dish. They add rich flavor without overpowering. Choose between:

4th of July Recipes: Blue

From blue cheese to blueberries and beyond, you’ll satisfy the “blue” component of your 4th of July menu in no time! We recommend:

  • Blueberry Port Sauce – Butter and shallots are cooked with dried blueberries, port, and beef stock, and served over Filet Mignon or your favorite cut of steak.
  • Blue Cheese Flan – No one can call your 4th of July recipes boring. Try something outside the box and couple your Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Flan!

You’re ready for a red, white, and blue menu worth celebrating! Tell us your favorite 4th of July recipe in the comments below, then share this post with your friends!