08 Sep

September Was Made for Steaks & Football

By Kansas City Steak Company


Not many months evoke as much feeling as September. Summer comes to a screeching halt after Labor Day. And fall rushes in with busy schedules and full plates.

September turns on the lights of Autumn.

Where days get a bit shorter, the weather a bit cooler and the clothes a bit longer.

In many areas of the country, September is when the leaves begin their annual color change and the air gains a crispness unlike anything felt in the dog days of summer.

It also gives us football. Of all varieties.

The neighbor boy playing organized flag football or unorganized backyard football after school with his buddies.

The high school friend of the family playing under the bright Friday night lights and the entire small town in the stands cheering him on.

The college coach you went to grade school with who is leading his team out of the tunnel on Saturday afternoons.

Or your hometown NFL team, capturing the hopes and dreams of a city every fall.

In every football setting, September gives us tailgating weather. And opportunities to share a meal with those we love.

On beat up Ford tailgates or organized white linen parties. In high school booster clubs or private donor lots at the state university.

September was made for steaks. The perfect complement to our nation’s football crazed fall.