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Sizzling Summer Recipes

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Summer is on the horizon and that means it is time to get the grill out and cook a new cut of beef. With one convenient purchase, a Steak Combo from the Kansas City Steak Company, can get you a variety of your favorite cuts to grill, and it is a great way try out a new cut. The Welcome to Kansas City Steak Collection includes two cuts perfect for your grill. The first cut is the Filet Mignon. Great for grilling, this cut is lean and the most tender of all beef cuts. More formally named Tenderloin Steak, this cut comes from the loin primal. This Grilled Steak and Watermelon recipe from Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. is great for summer and a perfect way to try your hand at cooking a Filet Mignon. Grilled Steak and Watermelon Salad is a tasty and flavorful meal with bold colors perfect for summertime. The fresh ingredients combined with a steak that is full of flavor and extremely tender will satisfy cravings for the perfect summer meal and is sure to impress your friends, and family.

Grilled Steak and Watermelon Salad

Another cut to explore this summer is the Kansas City Strip. This steakhouse classic is tender and lean, with a robust beef flavor that people love, and is perfect for grilling. This recipe for Grilled Steak and Corn Salsa utilizes the fresh flavors of corn, cilantro, lime, and sun-dried tomatoes that will expertly pair with a grilled Kansas City Strip Steak. This easy to prepare recipe captures the full essence of summer and will delight your guests with a memorable meal and make you the star of the grill.

Grilled Steak and Corn Salsa

Once you have tried these two cuts you can order more of your favorite or try different Steak Combos offering other delicious cuts. The versatility of these cuts and cooking steak on the grill also opens the opportunity to try more recipes for your favorite cut. Your family and friends will love the variety these Steak Combos offer for summertime grilling. For more Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. grilling recipes check out this link and purchase beef for your grill here.

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