19 Aug

Kansas City Steak Standard 1 of 7: Source

By Kansas City Steak Company

Would you take your child to see a doctor you didn’t trust?

How about your car to a mechanic you didn’t know?

Or have a repair company with a bad reputation fix your broken air conditioner?

No is the answer to all of those questions.

So why would you put food in your body when you don’t know the source? From a health perspective, your body is your biggest asset.

It’s critical to fuel it with high quality food, from sources you can trust.

It sounds so simple, but when it comes to your food, you need to know its source.

You need to know who produced it.

It’s a pillar of our business: getting the top cattle who are raised, fed and managed according to our steak standards.


We’ve done the long, hard, consistent work of building relationships over generations with trusted producers across the Midwest.

Searching for and sourcing the best cattle in the country. Scouring the golden wheat and corn fields for the nutritional fuel for your biggest health asset: your body.

You wouldn’t take your daughter to a bad doctor. You wouldn’t take your car to a bad mechanic. You wouldn’t let a bad repair company in your home.

So why would you feed your body bad beef?

Have confidence in the relationships we’ve built for decades, our proof is in our quality.

And don’t settle for not knowing the source of your beef.