30 May

Summertime BBQ Essentials for the Ultimate Backyard Experience

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : entertaining,  grilling 

Folks, summer is now here!

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than a backyard barbecue. Patios, porches and decks are all begging to be put to good use with friends, family, and of course, your greatest outdoor foods.

If you want the envy of your neighborhood, don’t forget these five essentials for creating the ultimate backyard experience:

  • Quality Meat – Barbecues are all about enjoying a sunny, summer day with friends and family. But let’s not kid ourselves – the food is most important. If it weren’t, we’d call barbecues something else, like “lawn parties”. So, don’t settle for subpar meats. It’s also a good idea to offer some variety in your main dishes. Burgers, ribs, and steaks are all classics; but consider including other dishes, like pork, chicken, and seafood. That way, everyone gets something they love…or everything they love.
  • The Right Tools – Even the most experienced grill master will struggle without the proper grill-master tools. Obviously, this includes a decent grill. However, items like carving forks, cutting boards, plates, and plastic utensils are also essential to a great BBQ. Don’t overlook the small stuff!
  • Lawn Games and Other Entertainment – Conversation can sometimes run thin. Lawn games like horseshoes, bags, washers, ladder ball and bocce are excellent ways to keep your guests having fun. To accommodate some of your mature guests, set up some tables with playing cards.
  • Great Tunes – Providing awesome tuneage isn’t just a matter of the music itself. You’ll also need an adequate sound system to play it on, remember that even the best playlist will flop without the speakers to play it. Also, put together a playlist before the BBQ, so you don’t spend the whole day playing DJ. You can also use automated streaming services like Pandora  or Spotify to make things easier.
  • Don’t Forget the Sides – When you think BBQ, you think meat. But for your barbecue to be truly unforgettable, you also need awesome sides. Potatoes are always a guaranteed crowd pleaser, but lighter sides like creamed corn and salads are great for balancing the boldness of your Top Sirloin or delicious Cheddar Bacon Steak Burgers.

With these five essentials, the only thing left to do is fire up the grill!