30 May

The Best Groomsmen Wedding Gifts that Sizzle

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Outdoor temperatures are increasing, swimming pools everywhere have opened their gates, and the words on everyone’s lips are “summer vacation.” The welcome arrival of outdoor barbecue weather and longer days is accompanied by the unofficial start of “wedding season.” As the big day draws near, couples everywhere are signing off their approval on final wedding details and consulting wedding checklists to make sure nothing is forgotten.

One of the most commonly overlooked and last-minute wedding details is choosing wedding gifts for the wedding party. This may seem like a small task, but there are many intricacies surrounding this decision. Before we dive in to The Best Groomsmen Wedding Gifts that Sizzle, we’ve put together the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding gift ideas for the wedding party.

Who do I need to buy gifts for in my wedding party?

The short answer is: If you have asked them to serve in your wedding in any capacity, a thank you gift is appropriate. To break that down a bit further, you should include: Best Man, Maid of Honor, all groomsmen, all bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girl, ushers and guest book attendants. In addition, if you have asked a family member or friend to carry the responsibility of serving as wedding day coordinator or “go to” person in case of emergency, include them on this list. Many couples also choose to purchase gifts for their parents, and finally, one another.

When should I give wedding gifts to my wedding party?

This all depends on the gifts you choose. Traditionally, couples gift their bridesmaids and groomsmen at the bachelor and bachelorette parties, but many couples choose to give gifts at the rehearsal dinner or on the day of the wedding.

How much should I spend on wedding gifts for my wedding party?

There is no hard and fast rule on wedding gift spending, and individual gift spend ranges vary widely by each couple. It’s best to discuss your budget with your significant other and go from there. Be sure to consider your Best Man and Maid of Honor gifts – each of them should each receive a special individual gift as well.

Now that your most pressing questions have been answered, let’s dive in to our exclusive guide to The Best Groomsmen Wedding Gifts that Sizzle for all the men who said “yes” to standing with you as you say “I do.”

Best Man Wedding Gift Ideas

Over the years, traditional best man gifts have evolved from the expected to become highly personal and modern tokens of appreciation. There’s a reason you asked him to stand at your side, and the odds are he’s done just that for many years. Rather than choose another flask or shaving kit, consider one of these sizzling options for your best mate.

  • Steak for Every Season

Break with tradition and step into something sizzling that every Best Man will appreciate. He’s grilled up countless steaks for you over the years – return the favor and give him a gift he won’t soon forget. Our monthly gift clubs are available in 3, 6, or 12 month periods and serve up a mouthwatering wedding gift he’ll truly appreciate.

  • The Big Daddy

Only the best for your best, right? The Big Daddy includes 4 (16 ounce) T-bone Steaks, 4 (8 ounce) Super-trimmed Filet Mignon with Hickory Bacon and 4 (10 ounce) Kansas City Strip Steaks, and all the flavor you could possibly want.

  • American Style Kobe Ribeye Steak

Talk about a flavor infusion! Well-marbled, American Style Kobe Ribeye Steaks are the perfect way to say “thanks” to your wing man.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

They’re your crew, your gang, your go-to’s. Of course they are the ones you asked to stand with you on the most important day of your life. While it’s tempting to order a set of engraved flasks, coordinating socks or dopp kits, we are thrilled to offer up a few more savory, if slightly unconventional, groomsmen gift ideas.

  • Gift Boxed Kansas City Strip Steak

Kansas City is our hometown, but that’s not the only reason we love the Gift Boxed Kansas City Strip Steak as a groomsman gift. Your boys will dig four of our signature Kansas City Strip steaks, cut to 12 ounces each, which are delivered in our sleek, modern black gift box.

  • Kansas City Steak Favorites

The three or six month Kansas City Steak Favorites Club is an excellent groomsman gift that keeps giving. Pair with a stellar set of grilling tools for a gift that will impress.

  • Classic Steak Sampler Gift Box

If you’re afraid of committing to a specific cut, consider the variety served up with the Classic Steak Sampler Gift Box. 2 (8 ounce) Super Trimmed Filet Mignon, 2 (12 ounce) Kansas City Strips, 2 (12 ounce) Ribeyes, and the resulting undying devotion of your groomsman.

Now that you know exactly which savory wedding party gifts to order for the men standing with you, the only decision you have left to make is which gift you will order for yourself! Let us know in the comments below!