26 May

The Campsite Grilling Survival Guide

By Kansas City Steak Company

Whether you camp once a year or once a week, we can agree there’s something magical about camping.

But before you drag out the camping cooking gear from the basement, let us help you think through exactly what you’ll need to make the most of your experience.

Because if you’re unprepared, you won’t get to enjoy the beauty of a steak-filled camping night.

Print this checklist, ensure you’re covered and then hit the open road.

Happy trails camper.

  1. Grilling Source: Obviously a good steak can’t be enjoyed if it can’t be cooked. If you’re loading up your charcoal or propane grill in the bed of the truck, using a picnic tabletop camp stove, laying a grate over an open flame or bringing your trusty Dutch Oven, be sure you clean, prep and secure your grilling source.
  2. Cooler: The brand doesn’t matter, what’s important is you leave room in the vehicle for your cooler. Throw a layer of ice in the bottom, your steaks, steakburgers and hot dogs in next and then another layer of ice on top.
  3. Kansas City Steaks: Speaking of the prime ingredient, don’t forget to grab your Kansas City Steak Company steaks, steakburgers and hot dogs out of the freezer. Our campsite grilling favorites are beef tenderloin tips, top sirloin, prime filets, classic steakburgers and all-beef hot dogs.
  4. Utensils + Essentials: Sure, it’s appropriate to eat a steak with your fingers while camping. But it’s hard to cook it without a few essential tools. Toss in a sharp knife, a torch or lighter, a small set of tongs, aluminum foil, storage baggies, a small cutting board, a dish cloth, grill spray or cooking oil, an oven mitt, paper plates, trash bags and a roll of paper towels. You don’t have to bring the entire kitchen, but a few essential items will save you tons of trouble.
  5. Food Items: Our steaks don’t need much to be amazing. But it wouldn’t hurt to take along a few sidekicks to the main meal. KC Steak Seasoning goes well with items beyond steak. Buns and condiments for the burgers and dogs. A foil-wrapped combo of potatoes, peppers and onions (which can be prepared before you leave) are the perfect side pairing to the main dish. A can of biscuits, which can be individually wrapped on a skewer or a stick and cooked over the fire. S’more stuff for dessert of course. Take plenty of bottled water, both for drinking and for cleaning. Beverages, some for the kids and a variety for the adults!

More than anything, prepare for an adventure. Camping may seem like a chore to prepare for, but it creates a lifetime of memories for you and your loved ones.

Especially when you cook a Kansas City Steak Company product over an open flame.