16 Mar

This Easter, Put Tradition Back on Your Table

By Kansas City Steak Company

What are you planning for this year’s Easter Dinner?

A little bacon-wrapped quail nestled on a bed of saffron foam? Perhaps a duck, wrapped in a turkey, stuffed inside a whole hog and roasted on a spit? 

That. Sounds. Exhausting.

We get it. Holidays are a big deal. And in an effort to make sure each year is as good as the last, we can all get a little lost in trying to go B-I-G.

But holidays don’t work that way. Holidays aren’t defined by the new, but by the classics. 

We don’t spend St. Patrick’s Day noodling over what color to wear. Thanksgiving doesn’t typically involve a debate over what to have for dinner. Not too many families plan to put up Christmas lights on January 1st.

So this year, don’t worry about being trendy; just put tradition back on your table

To help get you there, we’ve put together three meal combos perfect for this Easter. They aren’t trendy or cutting-edge, but they’re made naturally delicious by time-tested methods and delivered right to your front door. 

Some things go in and out of style.  Our delicious centerpieces do not.

Bone-in Ham Easter Meal

  • Lean, tender, brown sugar-cured and slow smoked over hickory logs, our Bone-in Hickory Ham is a delicious masterpiece. It’s spiral sliced and fully cooked for convenience, and it’s even better when you have Mac and Cheese Casserole on the side and Mississippi Mud Cake for dessert.

Prime Rib Easter Meal

  • One of our most delicious and impressive cuts, this tender Prime Rib Roast makes a stunning centerpiece for any special meal. It’s boneless, delicately marbled, trimmed to perfection and easy to prepare. With Creamed Spinach and Twice Baked Potatoes on the side and delicious Mississippi Mud Cake for dessert, this combo makes for unforgettable mealtime memories.

Leg of Lamb Easter Meal

  • Sourced from Colorado’s most selective ranches comes our Leg of Lamb, an extraordinary crowd pleaser with an enticing mild flavor. Joined by savory Twice Baked Potatoes and Crispy Asiago Asparagus, you’d think this meal combo couldn’t get any better. But it does…when you take your first bite of Lemon Cream Cake with White Chocolate Shavings.


This year, put tradition on your table. But it can be our little secret that we did all the work!