12 Jun

To Sauce or Not to Sauce?

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : steak,  steak 101 

That is the question…

Of all the great culinary questions in history, perhaps none inspires more debate than steak sauce. Purists argue that steak sauce distracts from the meat itself, while “saucers” claim it only makes it better.

So, which is right? Let’s hear from both sides of the great steak sauce debate, and then we’ll let you decide.


Who doesn’t love a scoop of vanilla ice cream? It’s sweet, creamy, and smooth in texture and flavor. Vanilla ice cream is great on its own, but would you consider it sacrilege to put some chocolate sauce on it? Of course not!

If you applied the “purists’” logic to ice cream, we’d have to outlaw all sundaes, splits, and parfaits. I don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to live in a world like that.

The “purists” will go on and on about subtleties of flavor and texture in different cuts of meat. But then they’ll turn around and treat all steak sauces as if they were the same. In reality, not all steak sauces are created equal. Low-quality sauces can ruin a good steak; but a high-quality sauce can improve even the best cuts of meat.

Kansas City Steak Company’s sauce for steak, for example, can balance a bold steak with a touch of sweetness. The purists are right when they say that high-quality meat doesn’t need sauce. But that doesn’t mean a few drops of sauce couldn’t make it even better.


Quality steak, cooked right, comes with its own sauce. The natural juices, fats, and flavors of an aged Top Sirloin, or a Super-Trimmed Filet Mignon, are better than anything that could come out of a bottle.

Adding sauce to cuts like this only drown out the very flavors and aromas that make steak so delicious. Imagine putting a neon frame around the Mona Lisa. Neon might be cool, but da Vinci deserves better.

Let’s face it — steak sauce was made to hide bad meat. So, if you’re looking to serve some sup-par cuts, by all means, go crazy with the sauce. But if you’re going to use premium cuts of meat, let the meat do the talking.


So, what do you think? Where do you come down in the great steak sauce debate? Post your comments below, or share this on social media to keep the debate going.